A nice fan from Muji

fans from Muji

Should the weather in the UK actually reach what we like to refer to as ‘summery’, those suffering from menopausal hot flushes might like to consider a hand held fan to keep cool with.

I am in a constant state of flux in terms of temperature at the moment, and I am often HOT, regardless of the weather. I bought a hand held fan at the weekend and it has come in very handy for unexpected flushing, and makes me feel a tad more stylish than flapping my hands about wildly. You could of course just concertina-up a piece of A4 to do something similar, but it’s no where near as impressive.

The Muji ones come in lots of nice colours and are robust enough to travel in handbags (for trips on the Tube-nightmare!) There are others on t’internet which are cheaper but I haven’t seen them so can’t be sure they will be tough enough. You could bundle two or three together to make the perfect present for a 50plus female during the summer (one for your handbag, one for the house and one for spare/thecar/thebedroom…)

Fans from Muji, from £6.95

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