Whats new: Resort 2013

Gucci – all images from Style.com

The only things you really need to know about (if you care) for resort 2013 are colour, pattern, the 70’s and possibly culottes!

Marc Jacobs

Florals continue to dominate most collections and with a fabulous take on Romany Gypsy meets garage forecourt flowers at Marc Jacobs, being my favourite (this ones for you, Gwyneth).This collection is not for the faint hearted, or those who like to blend in. Dominated by super brights and OTT prints, some of the styling was almost costume like. But then I have always had a “thing” for fancy dress!

Marc Jacobs

A-line mid calf length skirts and dresses had a Playmobil in the 70’s type look and check out those chunky 70’s style platforms – remember wearing those to school? And don’t you just love that spotty dress/bag combo on the right?

Marc Jacobs

Jonathan Saunders seems to get better every season and is now officially the master of the statement print – those high street designers will hard at work on Monday morning, copying these bad boys!

He called this collection “optimistic” and one could hardly fail to be anything else wearing such gorgeous colour combinations.

Jonathan Saunders

The ombré, polka-dot  and floral prints were more than a little 70’s furnishing fabric inspired and a collaboration with Cutler and Gross to create a capsule collection of sunglasses completed the look. Eat you heart out Starsky and Hutch!

jonathan Saunders

The influence designer Marc Jacobs has on the way we dress cant be underestimated, as everything he creates for his own collections and Louis Vuitton is scrutinised and copied the world over. Whether you like it or not, you will more than likely have worn something “influenced” by him at some point in your life!

Moving on from the Edwardian silhouette of the Autumn Winter LV collection, this range moved into the 70’s and was all about layering. Beautiful fabrics, subtle colour combinations and exaggerated silhouettes were key – oh and of course culottes. Remember you heard it here first!

Louis Vuitton


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