Some magazines to love

Growing up without the internet and only three channels on the tv, meant magazines were a monthly visual & editorial treat providing all the need to know information and styling inspiration our generation could want.

Nowadays I rarely buy womens magazines as all the publications aimed at our age group feel stuffy, condescending, full of articles we’ve read before and uninspiring style.

Hole & Corner

I much prefer ageless interior and lifestyle magazines such as Hole & Corner, World of Interiors, Kinfolk and travel magazine Suitcase.

There are also some really interesting food publications – such as The Gourmand  – and if you are a dog lover, their Dog Eat Dog calendar is a must for 2018.

Dog Eat Dog calendar by The Gourmand

Dog Eat Dog calendar by The Gourmand

I found another recent favourite in my search for all things witchy.  Sabat Magazine is beautifully designed, mainly black and white publication that explores the intersections of modern witchcraft and feminism – illustrating the growing interest in magic and how spirituality can offer a source of empowerment in modern life.

You can buy copies from Treadwells in Bloomsbury, or from the Sabat website.


Reading That’s Not My Age recently, I was interested to read about Saar, a Dutch website for women over-50 which launched in 2016. This autumn the editorial team (all over-50) produced a special edition, one-off magazine.

It’s such a shame it’s in Dutch, so we can’t read it – but TNMA says it features articles on work, families, sex and relationships and psychology – and the cover image looks like just the kind of aesthetic we would love to see here in the UK.




  • Hi Amanda and Jane – one word: LUNCHEON magazine. Beautiful to hold. Always an article on someone you wish you knew a bit more about. Only flaw is it’s impossible to source in Canada!! Have to harass my NYC pal!

  • Tamara Fulton says:

    Hi Jane and Amanda, thanks very much for including Hole&Corner! Tamara xx

  • Jan says:

    I remember buying Petticoat in the 1960s. It was weekly and I ordered it from the newsagents who would put it aside each week for you. No such thing as subscriptions then (as far as I know). I then progressed to Honey and later to 19. I loved them and felt a huge loyalty to my chosen magazine. I have occasionally taken out a subscription to a current magazine, usually because it looked like an unmissable offer and who could afford to pay the monthly cover price? Sadly I find them disappointing. Cover stories which look enticing turn out to be big on pictures but thin on substance. I concluded that the featured folk must be pals of the editor!

  • Jo Crisp says:

    Does anyone remember Women’s Journal? I loved it, even thought I was nowhere near it’s demographic when I used to read it. It felt like a grown up magazine, I really wish it was around now.

  • Mary says:

    I loved Woman’s Journal. Lovely recipes from Katie Stewart and didn’t Elizabeth Jane Howard write the gardening page? It was a cut above all the other mags, much classier. I don’t buy any of them now. And nor does any other woman I know. What went wrong? WJ got thinner and thinner and then stopped publishing.

  • Still love mags. Jackie, then Honey, then I-d/The Face and then US Harper’s, Allure, Mademoiselle and Vogue when I started working in fashion. I love The Gentlewomsn and Rika and I subscribe to Uk Harper’s which is still beautiful and has good features on interesting women (although I never read the interviews with actors…)

  • David Butler says:

    Great Post that was,

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