A clever perfume idea from Penhaligon’s

Penhaligon's refillable travel atomiser, why can't they all be like this?

Penhaligon’s refillable travel atomiser, why can’t they all be like this?

Penhaligon’s recently sent me a sample of its new Peoneve perfume in this ingenious refillable travel atomiser. Now, perfume bottles that don’t allow you to unscrew the spray top in order to decant some into a smaller, travel size bottle you might have bought from Muji drive me mad. Most perfume bottles are now sealed with a metal cap, which means you have to spray lots of small bursts of perfume into a travel size atomisers, both awkward and annoying.

At £16.00, this Penhaligon’s atomiser allows you to refill from your favourite perfume bottle’s mother-ship, so to speak, by removing the spray nozzle from the big bottle and sticking the plastic tube up the atomisers bottom. The picture on the box above, explains this more poetically via illustration. Very clever, why aren’t all travel atomisers designed like this?

The Peoneve perfume is also good, more violets and roses than peonies in my opinion, but still a fresh, summery floral. The roses and vetiver have been collected by using CO2 extraction, a more eco friendly process than solvent or distillation extraction apparently.

Peoneve is available exclusively from Harvey Nichols from 16th July, and from all Penhaligon’s outlets from 13th August. The atomiser is availablw now.

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