I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron

As I write this I am distraught, Nora Ephron has just died and I can hardly stand the thought of the future without another Nora book to look forward to. This is an utterly selfish thing to admit to, what about sparing a thought for her poor family I hear you say? Well I am sad for them obviously, but NO ONE writes wrote like Nora and I’m sure I’m not the only person desperate at the thought of this being the end of the extremely well written, funny and complex line. I Remember Nothing was her last book, thinking about it now, she might have known she was on borrowed time when she wrote it.

‘sobs, unconsolably’.

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  • Sue says:

    I know Amanda it’s such depressing news.I love her books and I’m going to re-read them too.Xsue

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