Finding something good from something sad: Lists Of Note

Johnny Cash’s ‘to do ‘ list

For me this week was a lot about being sad, due to the departure of the wonderful writer Nora Ephron, she who wrote the screenplay of When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and books you never want to end such as I Feel Bad About My Neck and Heartburn. I am bereft that there will be no more Nora books. If there was ever a writer I wish I could write even a fraction as well as, it is Nora. Knowing there will be no more words from her is a tough one.

However. When scrolling through the many accolades for her via twitter, I came across the Lists Of Note blog, which is about lists (mostly) famous people have made. It has an extract from Nora’s last book I Remember Nothing, where she listed what she would miss most when she died.

I love a list, what do you think I fill all those note books with?

It’s not quite Nora, but it made  me smile to read Noël Coward and Esmé Wynne’s list of Palship , how to handle unwanted mail from Eveyln Waugh to Nancy Mitford  and the concise list of ‘things to do’ from Johnny Cash. A treat.

And how unpleasant does Einstein sound? No one his wife left him with that list of demands.

Noel Coward’s Palship rules

No one can replace Nora, for those of you unfamiliar with her writing, try this feature she wrote about her weekend in Vegas . What are we going to read now? Anyone got any suggestions?

Nora Ephron, pic from Lists of Note


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