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Bryan Boy on Americas Next Top Model

We wouldn’t call ourselves experts when it comes to blogging, but then again we are not exactly amateurs either. Almost three years of daily blogging has created a large and loyal group of readers and we consider ourselves fortunate to have formed a community of enthusiastic, engaged and like minded women.

We have met some really amazing people over the last two and a bit years and could attend parties, press launches and events pretty much every day/night of the week if we wanted to, but we choose what we cover carefully. As our blog has grown and developed we have had lots of interest from people who would like to collaborate with us and slowly we have worked out what we do and don’t want to get involved with. Even if we barely earn a penny from writing the blog, the fact that people are interested makes us think that at some point in the future, there may be a way of blogging full time and making a living from it. But we are in no rush and the time and people have to be right before we move onto the next stage.

Over the last few months the interest in bloggers has moved up a notch with big companies employing us to manage their online presence, write content and offer them an insight into social media. At last, big brands and retailers are starting to take us seriously and have realised that asking an intern to write their blog (hello – the blog is the voice of the brand!) might not be such a good idea.

Bloggers themselves are becoming commodities and brands, either by collaborating with companies to create clothing or interior ranges, posing as brand ambassadors with products that resonate with their blogs aesthetic, or curating hand picked merchandise to sell directly on their blog. They are even becoming celebrities, with Fashion blogger Bryan boy recently becoming a judge on Americas Next Top Model – which fits perfectly with his bitchy, high fashion persona.

The possibilities are endless as bloggers build niche communities of readers and become curators of a visual aesthetic, individual style and an honest point of view.

There is no doubt there are exciting times ahead and as is the way with everything, some of us will go from strength to strength and some will fall by the wayside. The important thing for us all to remember is to apply the same rules to blogging that we would to any job.

Be professional and always be nice to everyone, particularly PR’s (some bloggers could do with remembering this) they may not quite “get” online yet, but they are just trying to do their job.

Be honest and don’t just write about something because it was free. Magazines get everything for free and they  pick and choose (unless of course its a major advertiser!).

It’s flattering to be asked to do things and attend events, but we are invited for a reason, so be grateful and happy to be there, but remember we are doing them a favour.

DO NOT develop a huge ego – at the end of the day we may have bigger readerships than some magazines, but no-one likes a big head and eventually that will become apparent to our readers.

Contrary to what one high profile blogger said recently – we should self edit and think about how we come across online – we do have time and it does matter!

We hope we stick to all of these rules and if we don’t we know our lovely loyal readers will let us know PDQ – watch this space!


  • Great advice. Some companies still look on their blog as a bit of a chore. If you enjoy writing a blog it shows in your ‘voice’ and that’s what gets response. I’ve really enjoyed reading your very varied posts, since the beginning and regularly recommend your posts to friends. I’m sure any outcome will be exactly what you want. GG

  • Sara says:

    There are a number of things that keep me reading your blog – and recommending it to others.This advice describes very well the values that come across so clearly in your writing. I also love your humour, wit and sassy view of the whole busines of being a grown up woman. Thank you

  • Jane says:

    thanks – it really matters what our readers think! Jx

  • Helen says:

    I completely agree with Sara. The blog really is ‘Daily Life and Style Inspiration’ – and I try to pick it up everyday for just that. Unlike other bloggers, your tone never makes me cringe – or yawn… Also, as a follower of your twitter feed, I do enjoy that too – and applaud the fact that you resist using it as a medium for whining when the traffic is bad/there’s a queue at the airport/it’s raining (the last of which you seem to use as a chance to bake a cake )-: Keep on Blogging!!

  • Helen says:

    That was meant to be a smiley ((((-: after ‘cake’ – not a grumpy. Sorry!

  • Sue says:

    Well Amanda and Jane,personally I love reading your blog every day.I really look forward to it and appreciate all the effort.It’s always interesting and I love how it’s not gushing or shouty.I’m often amazed how you both write about stuff that just chimes with what I like or how I feel about something.Thank you.

  • Jude says:

    Crikey, Jane, talk about heart-stopper moment there. I read the first paragraph thinking this was you and Amanda saying ‘adios’ as you’re off to start ‘other projects’ – couldn’t read to the bottom fast enough. SO glad my fears were unfounded!

    Over the three years I’ve followed other blogs too, some more avidly than others, but the one that never fails to deliver on a daily basis is TWR. I’ve lost interest in some blogs as their on-line personality has changed (for the worse) as they become sponsored/monetised and they’ve become quite arrogant. I know you’d keep your integrity intact, even if you became “sponsored by Marni”!

  • Amanda says:

    Sponsored by Marni…now I’ve gone off of in a day dream I may never come back from Jude….currently sat beside a pool I have plenty of time to fantasise about showing Consuela our daily posts! Ax

  • Monix says:

    Like Jude a cold hand wrapped around my heart when I thought you were throwing in the towel. I really look forward to your daily posts ( and the discipline you show in posting every day is awe inspiring ) the humorous, grown up and honest style shines through and I trust your reviews and recommendations.
    Whatever you do next I’m sure it’ll be with integrity.
    Good luck!


  • Jane says:

    We are going nowhere – although occasionally at 6am when posting before work I wonder why we are doing it – and then we read your lovely comments and realize!
    Now sponsered by Marni we could work with!!! J x

  • Sue Evans says:

    This Orange ad is REALLY annoying …….

  • Sarah says:

    Hi ladies,

    I am relatively new to the blog and really like it, but I have to say the Orange TV ad is awful and annoying – it kind of puts me off visiting again.

    Sorry, but keep up the great articles, less of the intrusive ads!


  • Jane says:

    SO agree about the ad!!! Going to remove it

  • Mary says:

    Jane, I often read your posts at 6am before I start my day in Western Australia. It’s the next best thing to visiting your beautiful country and inspires me to dream and plan my next trip.So from my POV you ladies certainly promote tourism too.xo

  • Anna says:

    Sorry late to this – been a busy week! Yours was one of the first blogs I ever started reading and over a year later, it’s still the only one that I read avidly. I love your style advice, it’s replaces all the advice I used to get from girlfriends before we all had kids and no longer had the time to shop together. You both write on such varied subjects that I am always interested – exhibtions, books,cooking, fashion and general life. You don’t present your lives as perfect either, which I appreciate. I, too, have recommended your blog to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you. x

  • Jane says:

    thanks Anna

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