Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight eye palette


In terms of eye shades, I buy a new colour about once a decade, and it’s almost always shades of neutral. I watch in wonder as others do amazing things with cornflower blue, smokey purples and even neons, but I’m way to pathetic to be so bold. I will go wild with nails and inspired by Jane I’m loving strong red lips, but my eyes always stay shades of beige.

So if you are like me, pay attention! Your time for replacing your eye palette has come…with this lovely Bobbi Brown eight colour selection, a couple of which have a shimmery glitter to them for added edge. It really is a quality thing, with a double edged brush to apply (not those naff sponge things) and shades of beige for every occasion. It will certainly keep me happy for another decade.

Available from Bobbie Brown online at £48 it’s a limited addition, so don’t dither. There’s also a gorgeous Desert Twilight mini brush set that has a metallic leather cover I like the look of too, and as a quick lipstick ‘pick up’ look at the high shimmer lip gloss in the range too. Nice for holidays perhaps?

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  • What a fabulous fall collection! These eight shades are a cross of sultry nudes with a rosy violet twist. The colors in that palette are great quality! And the nail color is really pretty. It’s perfectly travel friendly. Nice article.

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