Tatty Devine; eyelash sunglasses

While buying new sunglasses may not be high on your list of priorities at the moment (in the words of Bananarama ‘It’s a cruel cruel summer’), you may well be planning a holiday somewhere hot.

A slick of red lipstick and a new pair of sunnies can turn last summers slightly sad sundress into a thing of beauty and says ‘beach ready’ and ‘holiday wardrobe’, far more than any three week fast or full body wax!!

So the sunglasses shape to have this summer is the cat eye –  think Rizzo from Grease meets Dame Edna – Tatty Devine have taken this look a step further and added eyelashes – don’t you just love em? They are £126 and you can order them online.
Or if they are a little expensive/OTT you could try these babies for Beyond Retro for a bargain £8.


  • Great sharing. This eyelash sunglass is creating a more dramatic look to your face, particularly for women, but these fine hairs have a stronger purpose. They can prevent any of those small particles floating around from getting into your eyes and will help to keep your eyes and the sensitive skin around them healthy. Since sunglasses and hats cannot cover your entire face, sunscreen is also important.

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