Street style shots: Lucca Italy

Back on the streets of Lucca….today’s post looks at the way Italian women can rock an elegant sundress…..such as the two ladies above. I am tempted by those flat tan loafers on the right, there are lots of shops selling them here and I’d not been convinced I could work them into an outfit, but this gorgeous look may have changed my mind.

I think this might be the most perfect blue sundress ever (remember our trend alert : blue post?) Wouldn’t you like to see something like this in your local M&S? This is what we mean by simple classics….I couldn’t decide which of these pics to use so you’ve got them both.

I think these women are incredibly stylish, mostly due to the level of grooming and attention to accessory details….great shoes, understated summer handbag, a trilby hat for style and good shades. The women in Lucca don’t really do scruffy, everyone is paying attention to the small details to look this chic.. Nauseating, isn’t it?

Vintage Harrods hamper in mint condition, at  €200 a bit steep we thought…tempting though.

The power of a great hat….essential for the sun here in Northern Italy and both big brimmed or neat trilby work well. The tangerine geometric print sundress on the right is vintage apparently, the coloured hat band picks out the colours perfectly.

This lady looked so chic in her browns and aqua-print combo, which worked well with her long brown hair, loosely knotted at the nape, very Italian. She also had beautiful cream cameo earrings on, which just reinforced the renaissance look.

I really should have bought those red sunnies for Jane….

Some nice details here, I think the crochet lace bag was locally made, although I’m guessing due to its ‘craft-y’ appearance.I have lots of this lace at home so will be practising this on my return. Also love the woven straw shoes. And on the right, trophy trousers if ever I saw, beautifully cut and fitted in a fine cotton drill, with lacing up the back leg. Helps if you have a nice neat bum of course.

How to wear a maxi again, has to be orange, or orange-y floral this year I think. Also, the combat trousers on the left were made in a satiny jade that made me go’ Mmm, combat trousers eh? maybe…’.

Some shots of cheerful, near-neon levels of colour look terrific with any skin type but are particularly glorious when it is sunny.

I’m amazed with myself for not buying this!

One last street style shot post to come on Monday, then that’s it for Italian styling!



  • notsurebut says:

    Just lovely as is the previous post of street style shots. I’d love to know where these women actually buy their clothes and what they are prepared to spend, are these equivalent to Toast, MH, DKNY or do they have a super stylish M & S hidden away somewhere? I wish M & S would pay attention and listen to what their customers actually want their per una brands brings me out in hives.

    Enjoy the sunshine and the shopping.

  • Rosemary says:

    These are lovely, and very inspirational for my own trip to Italy in a few weeks. Oh, to emulate that Italian chic! Love the tan loafers, but you’d really have to wear them with a shortish skirt as here, wouldn’t you, not to look ‘nana’?
    Fabulous market by the looks of it. I DIE for that dressing-table set!

  • jill says:

    More drooling here….So many chic ladies looking like something from a magazine shoot, and not a stylist in sight,how do they do it? Is grooming and taste learnt at the feet of their mothers, or is it inherited from an amazing Italian gene pool?
    I am off to South of England next week where the 2012 Olympics for sailing are taking place, crowds of visitors are expected, I doubt if any (including myself) will be looking like these ladies. Shame.

  • Helen says:

    Another lovely batch of inspiring pictures… so fascinating … and always relish your comments too! You take great pics – and have a fantastic eye for detail. Sounds as tho’ you’re having a great time there. Enjoy the rest of your break.

  • Monix says:

    These great pics are such a lesson (thank you Amanda) that body shape does not matter as much as good grooming. When I was in my 20’s we used to think Italian girls looked like their mother and had no street style – now their mother has come into her own.

  • Sue says:

    I think you need to go back and get that picnic hamper.Love your photos.

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