Remake It: clothes, by Henrietta Thompson illustrations by Neal Whittington

This is a useful book for any budding sewer keen on recycling thrift shop finds or researching designers who put sustainability at the centre of the design process.

Full of ‘how to’ diagrams such as how to convert old jeans into a denim mini, or how to turn a collar on a man’s shirt, it would make a great present for anyone wanting to extend their sewing skills. Usefully it covers mens and womens as well as accessories, children and even styles for pets. It’s a companion to the well received Remake it :Home that came out in 2009.

It also has a small chapter on dressmaking history, a bit on fabric care and looks at many of the current designers, such as Junky Couture, Gary Harvey and People Tree, who take sustainability seriously.

Published by Thames & Hudson and available here

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