Best of Britannia: G Plan Vintage by Wayne Hemmingway

Last week we checked out Best of Britannia, a brand new showcase for the growing number of people sourcing and making products in the UK.

From the Shetlands to Dalston and remote villages in Wales, Britain is enjoying a resurgence in high quality manufacturing, with craftsmen/women, artisans and designers creating unique products designed to last for generations. The products at the show spanned all sectors, from food to accessories, tents, bikes, etc etc and even speedboats.

I particularly loved the new range of furniture created by Wayne Hemmingway in collaboration with G Plan, who have created some of the most enduring and iconic furnitrue of the 20th Century. The G Plan Vintage range is inspired by furniture from the 50’s and 60’s and combines classic shapes with a contemporary feel.

Every piece is hand crafted at the companies factory in Wiltshire and is available from John Lewis. Perfect for a Mad Men/Mid Century Modern look, they also come with a 10 year frame and spring guarantee.

Watch this space, as we feel the Best of Britannia will get bigger every year – think a pared down, less twee, much cooler version of the Country Living Fair.


  • Lilac says:

    I am looking at new sofas, this range is fab, I love what Wayne stands for, thanks for the steer

  • Louise says:

    I wanted to like these sofas but there’s something not quite right and I don’t think it’s just the ugly feet. For pure elegance and excellent detailing Russell Pinch gets my vote, based in Clapham, London British at its best in my opinion :)

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