Note book review: The Guardian and Midori

It’s been a busy month for notebooks (I know how terribly sad that sounds as I write this, but I know there are other stationery lovers out there, I just know there are….)

Perhaps most surprising is the rather lovely notebook collection launch by The Guardian . Yes THAT Guardian. What, I hear you say, is a newspaper doing launching a stationery (and photography from the archives) range? It’s called brand extension people, companies do it when their main source of income looks a bit dodgy, so when everyone stops buying the printed daily paper the company will be saved by its collection of best selling notebooks…..or something like that,

These ones are lovely, using graphics designed by renowned artist and Guardian contributor Noma Bar, whose witty simplicity nails what you need on a notebook cover, a graphic that isn’t all what it seems on first looking.

The paper is good quality, the notebooks come plain, lined or squared with endearingly bright end papers and they start at £9.95. The covers have a tough, oilskin quality that will survive the grubbiest of handbag interiors. There’s a diary too and other products are planned for next year. Each graphic has a wee title (this is The Guardian after all) so the feather quill (with hidden scribe) is “Full of Character’, the platform shoe is “Don’t be a Fashion Victim,’ There are six designs in all and the whole range is available from selected Paperchase stores or on The Guardian Collection website

Then there’s these specialist ‘stationery geeks only’ notebooks I picked up during the London Design Festival at Tom Dixon’s pop up merci store. Luckily for us the useful Midori spiral ring notebook is available from the Miscellaneous website .

DO NOT GO ON THE MISCELLANEOUS WEBSITE if you have a stationery weakness, it’s a honeytrap of paper-porn (I actually caught myself hyperventilating when I found it.). It’s very hard to get Midori stationery outside of Japan and this website has a whole host of stuff, so it’s beyond exciting to have found it.

The Merci envelope-and-notebook is just a sweet thing to play with, I can’t find it on line anywhere so you’ll just have to dash to the Tom Dixon pop up before it runs out….

The Midori spiral ring notebook with it’s slotted pages for adding shop cards, notes or other bits and bobs you pick up from your travels. it is £7.50-ish.

The merci notebook has glace paper envelope inserts for your pressed flowers….It was about £8.50.


  • Hilary says:

    They do look gorgeous. Though the hardback notebooks are almost too lovely to use. For everyday notebooks i can’t understand why nava notebooks are (as far as I know) impossible to find in the uk. They are relatively cheap and come in lovely colours. Made in Italy but I find easier to locate in paris – fairly easy to pick up in those fabulous independent stationers that sell school bags & diaries etc

  • Sue says:

    Very nice stuff, quite relieved it’s difficult to get hold of, or I’d be too tempted.When I’m stressed I find a trip to the stationer’s (even Staples will do) is lovely and relaxing.Especially have a weakness for KnockKnock pads and notelets; I noticed yesterday that Waterstones are stocking these now…oh,dear.Xsue

  • Amanda says:

    good to know there are others who appreciate a good note book, never heard of Nava Hilary so will check them out. A

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