Witch Hunt by Syd Moore

Essex girl Syd Moore has written another ghost book (you may remember we reviewed The Drowning Pool) and it’s just as gripping and pace-y as her first. Syd teaches us about the appalling way in which women were treated in the seventeenth century if they were exposed as a ‘witch’. Creepy men with power lorded it over and exploited young girls in the most heartbreaking way to frighten them into admitting to ‘witchcraft’ -not a lot has changed then although at least witches aren’t drowned or hung anymore.

You learn a lot with Syd’s books, she brings you up to speed on the fascinating history of the witch hunts in the mid 1600s and then she frightens you out of your wits with the ghosty bit…so much so that -like the last one- I couldn’t read some chapters when the sun went down. I loved it.

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