Two perfect sweaters: we’re back in love with COS

COS curved hem merino sweater

Despite our slight falling out of love with COS earlier this year, every time I walk down Regent Street I find myself inexplicably drawn to the store…it’s amazing how many walks through London coincidentely just happen to pass by COS. Last week I found myself in there and I stumbled upon two perfect sweaters that I would urge you to consider if there is a sweater sized hole in your wardrobe.

Firstly, I bought the inkily-dark, navy merino-rib, round neck sweater, which has a hemline that gently dips at the back, covering your bottom, a design detail that saves it from being ‘ordinary’. The fit is comfortably easy, so it doesn’t hug your body but it does straighten you out in a neat way. The sleeves are not wide or baggy, but just fit your arms enough to feel elegant rather than soggy. The heavy-ish merino wool is a rib knit, so it’s sleek rather than fluffy and I really like the generous round neck. It is the perfect navy sweater and since buying mine I’ve worn it with a saffron yellow pencil skirt for meetings, over a vintage floaty lace skirt for supper and over my ‘best’ jeans with a silk scarf tied at my neck for a perfume press day. It’s worked VERY hard in its first week and it still looks fresh.

Then I also fell for the rich emerald green jumper in the same merino rib knit. It has a slightly more casual feel, being a touch looser but is also has a very grown up sleekness to the final effect that makes it a brilliant weekend sweater. And the green… just lifts your spirits in a way grey or black never do. Both sweaters are £69 and have a clean simpleness -free from tricksy trims- that is so refreshing to find. The green sweater is here, the navy one here, Good to be back in love again.

COS emerald green oversized sweater


  • Emma says:

    I love this. Would the small fit a size 10? Should it be worn very baggy? Thanks

  • Cathy says:

    I love the navy jumper. I’ll be passing through Covent Garden at lunchtime so a trip to COS is now a must. Thanks for sharing the different ways you wore the jumper, very helpful as I always need a bit of styling advice!

  • Louise says:

    These are great!
    I currently live in a navy a line cardi of theirs, it’s such a great shape. They’ve got one in grey this season but the arm detail is different and looked a bit narrow to get layers under…
    Anyway, I feel a trip to the Stratfield Cos is imminent…’s dangerously only 10 mins away!

  • Amanda says:

    Emma, the small would be a good size 10 I think. I have the medium and I’m a 12 ,it is a great fit. it has a streamlined loose look…if that makes any sense. The green one is much looser, more weekendy. Ax

  • Ruth says:

    Loved the jumpers, and love Cos too of course. Please give us more styling tips as I trust your taste. Thanks

  • Louise says:

    I managed to pop in to COS yesterday, and have to say they had many great knitwear pieces I could have walked away with, but limited myself to just one, a fantastic A-line roll neck tunic type sweater which looks great with jeans and boots and will be super warm when it really does get cold…. Thanks for the tip, would not have popped in otherwise…ok maybe I would ;)

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