Catsuit /Jumpsuit update…

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In an update to this morning’s post on catsuits/jumpsuits, I tried on a really lovely one this morning in Topshop Oxford Circus (had a breakfast meeting close by, honest) from the Unique range. Under the influence of ex Vogue-er Kate Phelan, Topshop’s Unique collection is showing signs of very wearable glamour for those over 22 years old. It may be coincidence, but Kate is a discerningly fashionable 40plus-er (nice Tamsin Blanchard interview with her here) and I’m guessing she must want to find stuff she can wear in the Topshop ranges.

The catsuit in question is generous in cut (you might even call it baggy) and made from a mix of midnight-navy wool crepe and silk velvet. It has a tailored plunge neckline and reeks of grown up glamour in a sexy-boiler-suit kind of way. It probably does need heels (or wedges, my preferred choice) but would be stunning as a holiday season party outfit. Even catsuit/jumpsuit sceptics (looking at you Lee) might wear this. It is so new to the shop floor it’s not even on the website yet, so keep an eye out for it.

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