We Love: Merchant & Mills

We are indebted to TWR reader Louise who tipped us off about the fantastic Merchant & Mills, suppliers of beautiful patterns, accessories and general important stuff need for sewing. The website is like a little bit of heaven if you are a sewer, everything is beautifully presented and covetable, the patterns are lovely and clearly have us grown up stylish women in mind, just look at the elegant Dea dress above, see how it gently covers the tummy area but has that sexy shoulder.

The Notions page is full of smartly presented pins, tape measures and joy of joy! easy thread needles for older eyes. I could weep with happiness, I no longer have to hand my needles to youngest teen to thread. The Selected Notions box, full of the best things, would make a great Christmas present for a sewer. And where to start on the scissor collection…buttonhole scissors! who knew? My sewing box needs a pair.

You can take courses, and notes in the oilskin notebook (it might not surprise you to hear I have ordered one of these…) or you can order one of the beautifully detailed patterns and just take it out and stroke it, but that would be weird, right?  ‘puts pattern back in bag’.

Website here.…haberdashery freaks be warned, might damage your budget this month. Apparently the shop is fab too.



  • As a sucker for stationery and all things sewing this is a dream site. I want the oilskin bag kit, and the entomology pins. They’re for stabbing insects, right? Maybe that’s weird but all that other stuff, I want it all. I’ll decide what to do with it later. GG

  • I’m not a sewer – too impatient! – but the photos are gorgeous. I’ll definitely check out the website & do a bit of window shopping.

  • gillian taylor says:

    This a simply gorgeous website – so many many things I shall be ordering – the bambo point turner, the Harris Tweed trim and OMG the clapper and seam presser and all that before even looking at the patterns!! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!!

  • Jane G says:

    If anything is going to get me sewing again it is this. I have fallen totally head over heels for some of those dresses.

  • amanda says:

    GG I had missed the entomology pins! How amazing…..It’s a treasure box of stuff. A

  • Jude says:

    A needle threader?!!! I need one in my life, as close things are becoming more and more blurry. However, I went onto the web site and they’ve sold out. Could it be that TWR is doing for stylish products what Delia Smith used to do for cranberries?!

  • Lindsey Howell says:

    Fab site, very excited at this, keep up the good work xxx L

  • This site is just so wonderful that I have just done a post about them!
    Z xx

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