Christmas Marmite, the Gold Limited (bling) Edition

Can I just check all the Marmite lovers out there have got their jar of Marmite Gold? It is the most fabulous thing to happen to Marmite since the champagne edition, only this is better as addIng gold coloured flecks to make the spread sparkle means you can have bling at your Christmas breakfast….I appreciate not everyone will want this, but the whole idea of metallic-marmite being a  bit fashion-y makes me smile. It’s also the first time the colour of Marmite has ever been changed.

Apparently the Gold Limited Edition which launched back in September (sorry to be so slow on the uptake) is in celebration of the Royal Jubilee, the Olympic success and it’s Marmite’s 110th birthday. Oh, and Christmas, as anyone who has been to see the Oxford Street Lights will know that Marmite has sponsored those too…

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Even though they are quite pretty, I think a spread-for-toast sponsoring the Christmas lights is a bit eccentric, but also very British, don’t you think? Buy your limited edition Gold Marmite from the Marmite Shop for £5.99, before stocks run out, or you might add it to your weekly shop (Ocado have it on special offer at £3.00 currently).

Marmite Gold Bling, love it or hate it?


  • Claire says:

    Got mine on order tomorrow. Will go with the ‘Ma’amite’ I got with the Union Jack label for the jubilee. Tempted to save but what for?!

  • middleagedad says:

    Claire, I have bough four jars of the Gold edition, to store away. It seems the right thing to do. A

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