Recipe Journal by Orlando Gough


It’s a while since we popped over to the Toast Travels section of the Toast website, run by Rachel Seaton and we’ve missed a lot,  its got all sorts of interesting things going on.

The first thing to notice is the first proper book publication by Toast, which is a cook book, by Orlando Gough. It’s a simple but engaging soft-back called A Celebration Of Extraordinary Home Cooking, where Orlando revisits his cooking notebook, in which he has recorded recipes gathered throughout his life. Since we are all now suspicious of Amazon, it’s interesting to see brands such as Toast look to publish its own books. I like the idea of a brand supporting under-the-radar authors (or cooks) and I’d be drawn to a ‘Brand Books’ section of any store, I doubt there’s any money in it, but it would make me love a brand more for it.

Haing said that, the world doesn’t really need any more cook books, but this one is a memory-jogging trip through the decades of home cooking fashion, from ‘four ways with mackeral’ from the 1960s, to ‘apricot nut bread’ from the healthy eating 1970s and our obsession with polenta and red onion marmalade in the 1980s. Good recipes- might suite a bloke keen on cooking as a Christmas present (note, no pictures of recipes, but nice arty shots of family gatherings).

Read more here  Buy here

Then there are inspiring accounts of a trip to China by travel writer Sara Wheeler, if anyone’s thinking of going these make useful reading and might give you itchy feet…check out her writings here  

And then you might like to listen to author and Culture Show presenter Michael Smith read four short stories he’s written in what I can only assume is an attempt to rival Radio Four and its Book of the Week…..go Toast travels I say….Two stories are up, you can hear the remaining two as they are released by going to Toast Travels this week

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