Eye-Spec’s foldable reading glasses

It’s wrong to love a product because of its packaging isn’t it? Wrong. But as I type this, I have at my side my lovely silver satin reading glasses case from Eye-Spec, a new reading glasses company.

The glasses are well priced and fold up in a manner that makes them look like they are aiming to be the the Brompton Bike of the folding glasses world. The side arms telescopically collapse to nothing, the frames fold in the centre and fit neatly into cute cases to stash into every handbag/car glove compartment/coat pocket/computer station, anywhere you might conceivably need reading glasses.

There’s nothing new about folded glasses, although these are nicely made and fold up in a rather mesmerising fashion, but what works for me is the robust and very neat cases the glasses fit into, from the tiny silky-satin silver one to the flip top type. It is a small joy to fish the chic little box out from the bottom of my handbag.

The fold up’s do not set my heart on fire in terms of design, but when I asked Dominic, the founder of Eye-Spec about this, he said “Our core collections are about the convenience of the designs. The frames compliment the face without necessarily making a fashion statement. We wanted to take the pain out of carrying bulky reading glasses so are predominantly for occasional eyewear.”

Which is fair enough. There are more stylish non-folding ones available and four new designs, which will be a bit more 50s retro and feminine, are coming next year. I’ve been trialling mine for about a month and a lens popped out once, but it slotted back in easily and as Dominic said, they are for occasional wear and to stash around your life for those moments of panic when you realise you can’t read.

They are nicely protected by the packaging and the bottom of my handbag is a tough place to survive, so I would give them the thumbs up for value (pairs start at £11.50) ingenuity and fun.

Check out the website for all the designs.


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  • Sue says:

    Ooh, I might need to get a pair of these as my eyesight has got so bad over the past year that it really is a disaster when I suddenly need to read something.My husband, who is a Mechanical Engineer and noisily eschews personal fripperies, just loves his Brompton bike.I might need to get him a pair too.Xsue

  • amanda says:

    Sue, I think these would definitely appeal to the gadget loving man! A

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