Black and white from Margaret Howell

Black and white is a big trend for spring 2013, which is something of a joy as it’s a classic story that we can all pull off. Excuse the glare on the above photos but I wanted to show this lovely, simple window from the Margaret Howell store in Wigmore Street, which I saw this week and which made me want to buy a white knitted sweater immediately. Or one with a pom-pom, either would do.

I prefer the male mannequin’s outfit here, the dark jacket and trousers with a white hand-knit style knitted sweater worn over a tiny-collared shirt, as I’m definitely going through an androgynous fashion moment and also I’m not sure I really want to invest in a white dress or skirt to wear now. The use of an only-just-visible orange spot scarf is important, I love the way it’s tucked almost out of sight, but the slither of silk lifts the outfits with a little colour-jolt. If you do this at home, it doesn’t have to be orange, but stick with something bright.

Margaret Howell is a tad expensive to buy out of the sale so I will have to shop around for a white sweater, the colouring here is quite vintage-white, as is the fine hand knit feel, so I might look at the next Hammersmith Vintage sale for inspiration. More inspiration can be found here too, anyone else thinking of wearing black and white?


  • A. Nonymous says:

    Margaret Howell is on sale now!!

  • Anonemouse says:

    Margaret Howell needs to be on sale too. Used to be great, and expensive. Now, average and stupidly expensive. Did she get fat and greedy?

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