Clarks Winter Warmers, be prepared!

As I write this my camelia plant is flowering beautifully, the magnolia buds are pushing through and you could almost think that spring was close…..It’s so easy to think winter is over after Christmas, but of course it isn’t, not by a long shot. Magazines may try and convince us now is an excellent time to think about summer frocks and new season clothes, but this is madness as we are sure to get at least one more bone chillingly cold spell before the winter is out. We’ve discussed before the craziness of the fashion cycle and how shops try and sell us clothes too far ahead of schedule, now is NOT the time for a summer sandal.

So with that in mind, can we direct you to Clarks to take a look at their Winter Warmers? I have been so impressed with Clarks over the last year or two, from the Harris Tweed collection we wrote about here to the regularly updated desert boot, the brand is really doing great things, so it was easy to say yes to a sponsored post on the Winter Warmer collection. Middleagedad and eldest son both buy Clarks and I daren’t go in a shop now as I am constantly tempted by something. To ward of the inevitable cold spell I like the look of the Mortimer Liz boot, above, at £79.99 with its snuggly lining, I am a sucker for a heritage boot.

I also spotted these Mortimer JudiW boots recently on a friend of mine and they looked extremely chic, I assumed they were expensive designers ones, but they are a reasonable £120. I really like the clean look of them, and I bet the leather will wear beautifully and they also come in black.

And what is it about the desert boot that makes them so appealing? I am seriously tempted by these Desert Hug ones, with a lambskin lining around the ankle and better still they are in the sale, at £69.00……tempting, no?

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  • Sue says:

    How funny.I now keep finding reasons to look at Clarks shoes too. I did try hard to persuade the teenage daughter into a pair of the boots shown at the top before Christmas as she was off to Berlin and I knew it could be cold.But she just gave me a frosty refusal.She’ll learn.(Those boots are so nice in the colour they call grey but is really a sort of distressed pale brown, btw ) And you are also spot on about how annoying it is to be surrounded by Summery things and talk of bright skies blah,blah when it hasn’t even been properly cold yet.

  • Louise says:

    I’ve had a pair of the Clarks originals Granny boots as I call them (zip up the front, suede) for a while and still love them. Really comfy!
    And I just ordered a pair of really nice looking ankle boots which have a heel size I can just about manage I hope (my knee consultant banned me from heels….) so I’ve been a convert for a while. The more simple they keep it the better I think, I’m also tempted by the suede Yarra Desert: the grey are also half price right now!

  • Sara says:

    Clarks totally rocks in my view..and it truns out they are super cool. I heard a programme (on Radio 4 I think) quite recently about how cool Clarks are considered to be in Jamaica and there are referencec to wearing mi clarks in a number of reggae tunes. Warm and cool all at the same time it would seem!

  • Dorothy says:

    Unrelated to this post, but I think you ladies will really identify with ths.

    Students home from college:

  • Linda Howatson says:

    Thank-you TWR. Having read this post, I ordered some desert boots which promptly and efficiently arrived. A real treat, they’re very cute as well as being stylish! Having had some when I was a teenager, made for some lovely reminiscing too!! Thanks again TWR!

  • Amanda says:

    Oh we love a desert boot Linda! A

  • Thanks to you saw this boot (first photo) and bought one pair brown. I don’t know why, in Clarks (shop and internet) there was only tan leather or black color option but I found brown in Thank you for the tip.

  • Amanda says:

    Good stuff! A

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