Sale Fairisle buys at Marilyn Moore

I’m not sure talking about snugly Fairisles sits so well after Jane’s post this week on the god of style David Bowie, but we are nothing if not diverse here at TWR, covering all tastes.

This is what I bought in the sale this month, a Marilyn Moore Freya Fairisle sweater in oatmeal, at £99. It is supremely warm, being made from wool and mohair (with a bit of nylon thrown in) and very soft and I’ve hankered after one of Marilyn’s Fairisles for a couple of seasons. She usually does at least one style in her winter range and I loved the apple green, candy pink, tangerine and cornflower blue colours on this one.

I blame this yearning for heritage knitwear on wandering around vintage fairs, where there is often a beautiful -though frequently shrunken and itchy- Fairsisle sweater or two on offer. And of course The Killing and Sara’s signature knits, which are lovely, but I see no reason why I shouldn’t support our native knitting pattern. This one will work well with my new androgynous look, indeed I rather fancy it would go some way to making Aggie’s suit a bit warmer. Imagine it with a neat pair of cropped wool mini-check Jaeger Boutique trousers (also in the sale) and brogues.

I bought this knit over-sized, two sizes bigger in fact, as the rounded neckline needs to sit softly on your shoulders and I know not everyone will love the rounded yolk, which can be a weeny bit matronly on bigger busts, but I love it. Marilyn doesn’t sell on line, but if you phone 0208 876 6732 they will let you know where there’s a jumper near you.

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