Sale round up: Penelope Chilvers sale shoes and boots


penelope chilversI’m still unable to talk about spring clothes in January so I’m pottering around the sale sites to see if there’s anything worth drawing your attention to. I am rather taken with these lovely cheerful Penelope Chilvers  Icelandic felt lace ups with ‘long lasting commando rubber sole’ according to the website, that sounds worth investing in doesn’t it? Currently reduced from £252 to £175, although I need to warn you that not every size is available in the styles I’m going to mention, you’ll need to move fast if you are keen too as I’m not sure how long the sales continues for. I think they’re gorgeous.

penelope chilvers 01

Another style that caught me eye was this snug-and-tough vegetable dyed leather boot with a felt top and full sheepskin lining, imagine how warm they are! Built on a Norwegian welt, they should last a lifetime. Currently £299 reduced from £470. Tempting. Particularly in the current conditions.

penelope chilvers 02

I bought a similar version of these Spanish riding boots above, nearly 15 years ago and they are still as good as new, in fact I think they are improving with age. They might be pricey but they are fabulous quality. Mine are brown but these long tassel nubuck leather black ones would be jolly useful to most wardrobes.  Now at £335

penelope  chilvers 04

Finally, these are not in the sale but I couldn’t resist including them as they are fabulous. Mid calf tassel boot in vegetable dyed leather with a full sheepskin lining. £350.

More styles at Penelope Chilvers 




  • Monix says:

    Love these! Also have a (ahem) vintage pair, and bought a pair of claret velvet ones a few months ago. Only problem is they are so well made and sturdy you’ll never have a reason to throw them out and buy something else.

  • Sue says:

    These are lovely.The felt lace-ups are just brilliant.I’ve just had a quick look through to the site and the Impossible boots in grey felt are reduced too; I’ve wanted a pair of these for what seems like forever but I am completely spent out,sadly…

  • Mrs P says:

    I too immediately went onto the website and saw the Impossible boots. I really want them AND they have them in my size but sadly after a very expensive few months I really cannot get them. Even though it is my birthday next week ……..

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