& Other Stories, by H&M

Clean cut basics, bold brights, sharp tailoring and ‘lasting wardrobe treasures within a wide price range,’  & Other Stories (by H&M)  sounds like it could be right up our street.

Coming soon to regent street, as well as Barcelona, Milan, Paris and Stockholm, the range promises to be a more luxurious version of H&M, but not as simple as COS. It will also be available online.

& Other StoriesIt’s difficult to tell from the video what the range will be like and there is very little info available, but I’m loving the look of those white wedges!

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  • Trisha says:

    I do buy quite a lot of my clothes (and I don’t buy many anyway!) in H&M, partly because I’m quite tall, 5′ 9″ and the Scandies tend to be taller. I have Finnish inlaws and pick up a few things in their Helsinki shops each summer, they seem to be better items that we get delivered to the UK. The other thing I’ve found is, in Helsinki shops seem to cater across the age groups more, less loud music, sales assistants all ages and shapes. But then I find in Finnish/Swedish societies less emphasis on the young being at the centre of everything generally. The only thing is with H&M the quality of fabrics is not always great, but then they aren’t very expensive. I am 59 this month and struggle to dress, even though a size 12 hourglass figure, still have wobbly bits and so on, gravity and an early menopause (it finished at 45) took its toll. Don’t ever show my arms, haven’t since after 40ish, although reasonably fit. Still trying to find an approach that works – have tried buying good quality (it makes me feel too dressed up and fearful of spoiling it), tried cheap and disposal (feel guilty on enviromental grounds and poor materials) tried going more casual (feel I’m looking like I’m in the garden all the time), tried going more classic (feel frumpy as hell), tried edgey, arty as I teach art and design (feel gothish, aggressive looking, tried feminine, flowery -as husband prefers (feel too little girlish, too vunerable, not grown up, tried an image consultant (told me to wear warm red-oranges, brown and high heels (which I hate and my friend and husband hated too). I buy and it often goes on ebay after a few wearings, frankly exhausting, but I know I’m far from the only muddled mid-ager who is left totally confused by it all.

  • Trisha says:

    OH dear! Apologies about the rant, it just sort of came out – of frustration at not finding clothes. Love the pencil skirts, by the way, but where would you wear things like this? Not working from home, or going into college – where everyone wears jeans, out for evening?

  • Amanda says:

    Not a rant at all – you are speaking for a lot of us I am sure. I am in my early 50’s. Good portioned size 12 even if I say so myself, few bits I prefer to keep covered – fat calves – love maxi skirts – but struggle to find the right clothes. Classics are frumpy, – twin sets and pearls anyone – cheap and disposable – ill fitting and badly cut etc etc etc.I don’t want to look girly. I don;t want to be mutton dressed as lamb. I want stuff that suits, that fits, that flatters, that has a nod towards fashion, that is not cheap and cheerful nor eye wateringly expensive. Clothes that are wearable and make me feel fab. I totally agree with all your comments. Where are the designers and shops for us?

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