“Fashion isn’t art” says Peter Jensen

Wakefield isn’t the first location you would think of to launch a fashion collection, but hearing that designer Peter Jensen used artist Barbara Hepworth as the inspiration for his Spring Summer 13 collection, The Hepworth Wakefiled seems the perfect place to showcase it.

Jensen always designs his collections around a muse and says “I like to look at these women and to try to live within their world for six months. Sometimes I wish it could be a longer process. It can’t be because there are lines and limitations within this world of ours called fashion.” His previous muses have included New York artist Cindy Sherman, figure skater Tonya Harding and actress Sissy Spacek

He looked at the organic, feminine shapes of Hepworth’s work rather than her personal style and was very much inspired by the holes in her sculptures. The amazing hats were made by Bernstock Speirs .

Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen’s collection

I’ve been fascinated by Hepworth’s personal life and work, since visiting her house and studio in St Ives and think she makes the perfect muse.

Barbara Hepworths studio

Hepworth’s studio in St Ives

The fashion show will be held on Wednesday 27 March as part of the Wakefield Art Walk between 5-9pm and Jensen will give a talk. You can contact the gallery to book tickets here or call 01924 247360.

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  • Osnat says:

    In this case I have to say for me art wins. I love Barbara’s Hepworth’s sculpture not so keen on these dresses!

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