VisaPure and your single most important skin care cream

Philips VisPureThere are many good things about having a daughter, not least is their ability to keep you on your toes when it comes to fashion and beauty. I like to think of myself as up there with the latest trends, but when it comes to skin care my teenager is way ahead of me.

She is always telling me off for my lack of routine and lazy approach to cleansing. I’m a stickler for moisturising, but when it comes to washing my face, I have to admit  *whispers* to using Simple soap and water! I know it’s a big no no in beauty terms, but if it’s good enough for my mum (who has great skin for an 82 year old) I figure it should work for me.

That was until we were invited along to take a look at the new cleansing brush from Philips – the VisaPure. The teen of course had already heard of it and informed me it was a rival to the Clarisonic that she already owned. Whatever, I thought cynically, the feminist in me rarely buys into beauty products and the “scientific” babble that surrounds them, but I was willing to go along and take a look.

The event featured an introduction to the VisaPure and a talk from the very impressive Dr Sam Bunting, a cosmetic dermatologist  – who knew there was such a thing?

Dr Sam seemed to make complete sense and assured us she was independent , therefore had no interest in selling us stuff, so I asked her what she thought the single most important thing was to keep our skin looking good as we got older (we have banned the use of the words anti ageing –  too negative)? “Sun screen” she answered without hesitation, “use it instead of a primer, under your make up and wear factor 50 every day.” Simple!

We left the event with a brand new VisaPure each, full of resolve  (on my part – the teen is already dedicated) to commit to a regular cleansing and sun screen routine.

Dr Sam said she loves French products and mentioned Vichy several times, so teen daughter was straight onto the beauty blogs to find the perfect factor 50. The worst thing about most sun screens is their horrible oily quality, but the teen assures me (with a bit of help from YouTube) that Vichy Capital Soleil Mattifying face Fluid, Dry Touch in Factor 50 is the answer to all our prayers.

Apparently it is matt and acts like a primer and I believe her (honestly this girl really does her research). So I have ordered one and will let you know how it goes.

Vichy Captial Soleil

And btw, I LOVE the VisaPure – it take all of one minute to wash your face, is really gentle and easy to use and makes your face feel really clean. It’s £150 which is quite an investment, but if Dr Sam and my daughter say it’s worth it, then believe me it is.

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