Style Icon: Sairey Stemp from Cosmopolitan magazine

Sairey CosmoThis is the always immaculately dressed Sairey Stemp, stylish fashion editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and someone I have been known to stalk at press days just to get a closer look at what she’s wearing. We were properly introduced recently at a Christmas wreath making evening organised by Gudrun Sjoden, so I can now officially say hello and quiz her on her look without getting locked up. This was what she was wearing at the recent M&S high summer press day where I bossy-ed her  her into posing for the blog, which she did with great grace.

Sairey has this ability to always look incredibly well pulled together, I guess that’s why she’s Cosmo’s fashion editor. She has on here an ‘Old Luella jcket’ and ‘an H&M skirt from a few years back’,  she admits to keeping all her fashion clothes, putting them away for a bit then rediscovering items tucked away, which she claims makes her more inventive with how she puts outfits together. I couldn’t believe the skirt -which was made from a lovely waffly textured material- was H&M as it looked so expensive- this is the perfect demonstration of Hi-Lo fashion, anchored on a great jacket and inventively put-together textures and prints.

Her chunky shoes, which properly stop this whole look from going too ‘lady’, are G-Star and I love the way she hasn’t done the top buckles up. The necklace is Marni for H&M, the cashmere scarf is from the Italian brand Cividini and the covetable eye-bag bag is from De Roemer. I love how anyone in the fashion industry can usually ‘tag’ their outfits from top to toe -Sairey even spelled the trickier names for me- if everyone could work on this it would make life a lot easier for us when we shoot you all looking stylish..

Doesn’t she look great? What are you wearing today?

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