Health and happiness with Gok, Activa and me

Oh blimey, now I remember why I don’t put myself in front of the camera much. Here’s the Activia Feel Good Pledge video my fabulous new BF Gok and I did a while back. The Activia campaign encourages us all to take a moment in our day to be good to ourselves, which is a good idea, because life whizzes passed at a rate that frankly frightens me at times. So this weekend, take a moment to be nice to yourselves people, even if it’s for a moment or two. Life ain’t a dress rehearsal and we only get one, so just check you are enjoying it.


  • amanda says:

    don’t be so modest amanda – you were great. the women’s room blog is one of the simple pleasures in my life – as you can tell from the time submitted, it’s one of the first things i do in a day, along with read the papers, listen to the radio and then walk the dog. thanks to you both amanda and jane!

  • Amanda says:

    That’s so fantastic to hear Amanda!, Actually it’s comments like this that keep us going, we have such fab readers…..’weeping now’…Ax

  • sarah says:

    I so agree about the woman’s room blog. I like your positive and inclusive attitude, and even when you are having a moan, it is to encourage change.

    Since my darling husband didn’t die in a car accident, I count my blessings and I am grateful every day.

  • Amanda says:

    Properly sobbing now Sarah…I’m glad your hubby is still around too and again, thanks for reading, Axx

  • Dinah Hall says:

    Amanda, you look about sixteen…..

  • Sue says:

    You didn’t look nervous at all, Amanda.Well done! I’m not quite sure how people I don’t know can feel like friends, but I do really look forward to reading the daily posts you both put up.And you’re right, there’s an awful lot to be grateful for in our lives and best to concentrate on those things rather than let the other stuff take hold.

  • Amanda says:

    I might do this again if everyone’s going to be so nice….Axxx

  • LOVE this vid, brilliant. Well done, and you look gawwwwgus on camera! x

  • Amanda says:

    Oh Simon, worth it to have you comment on the post! Ax

  • j ballard says:

    Well done you….. and your hair looked lovely too!! Jill x

  • I think you look lovely & so does your kitchen!

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