Ruby’s and Black Pig with White Pearls

Rubys 2Over the last couple of years, Dalston has transformed from interestingly creative and slightly down at heel to an achingly hip, centre of cool. Just a few yards from my house, new underground bars, quirky cafes and interesting restaurants pop up daily. It’s fascinating to watch the transformation of what were once basement men’s clubs and dodgy cab offices, (there are still plenty of them) into eclectic places to hang out.

One of my favourites is Ruby’s (owned by the people who run Castle Gibson – a furniture, props and location company), a cocktail bar located in a basement below one of their amazing locations Ruby House. Like lots of the new breed of bars and restaurants, you have to be in the know to find it, as apart from a discreet doorway and an often misleading cinema sign, there isn’t a lot to tell you that Ruby’s exists.

Rubys blackberry Mohitto

The Blackberry Mojito

The intimate subterranean drinking den serves a small carefully crafted cocktail menu which includes 7 Ruby’s classics and 7 seasonal ones, plus a selection craft beers and wine. My favourite is the Blackberry Mojito.
RubysRuby’s is open Tues-Thurs 6.30pm – 11.00pm and Fri-Sat 6.30pm – Midnight, and if you are in the area it’s also worth checking out the excellent Spanish restaurant just up the road Black Pig with White Pearls – but don’t tell everyone, I want to be able to get a table!

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