Subversive icing

We are out and proud about our love of baking and as you know, like nothing more than a decorating opportunity.

Is it possible to enjoy domesticity and still be a feminist? We think so (more of this to come) and we love the idea of something as overtly feminine as cake decorating being used to create a whole new urban aesthetic. What could be nicer than graffiti made of icing?

Shelley Miller is a Montreal based artist who did just that with her most recent work. She created a series of throw ups (a term used to describe a graffiti piece put up quickly) made entirely of sugar. Everything was edible, even the Duff cake “spray paint” and the delicate, decorative patterns transformed previously ugly urban surfaces into things of beauty.

If you fancy giving it a go with a piping bag (but maybe not on a wall), check out the recently opened Biscuiteers Biscuit Boutique in Notting Hill. Showcasing their biscuit, chocolate and cake collections, there is a drop-in icing cafe as well as the Biscuiteers School of Icing which hosts themed icing lessons and children’s icing parties.

They recently published the 2012 edition of their Book of Iced Biscuits, featuring inspiring ways to make and decorate biscuits. The Biscuit Boutique is in Notting Hill Gate at 194 Kensington Park Rd, London, W11 2ES.



  • Louise says:

    How brilliant, and beautiful. The very thought has a magical fairy tale quality. Imagine coming across one of these?!

  • justine says:

    I just bought one of their father Christmas men in the conran shop yesterday, it is beautiful

  • Rosemary says:

    Well, of course it’s possible to enjoy domesticity (as I do) and be a feminist. Surely the point of feminism is that women should be free to live as they wish without being dictated to by anyone – and that includes other women of whatever political hue. In any case, I believe that traditionally feminine skills and interests tend to be held in contempt simply because they are associated with women – so in belittling them the radical feminists are falling into the same trap as the patriarchy.
    Reading your posts is a daily treat, and delighted to see you getting such support.

  • The graffiti icing looks brilliant. I’m so sorry to hear about all the problems you’ve been having with your name – that must be really upsetting- and hope it’s all resolved soon. Have to admit, initially I did think that you were behind the other Women’s Room. If they’re decent people, which I’m sure they are, they’ll do the decent thing

  • Louise says:

    well said Rosemary!

  • Monix says:

    Whilst not a great baking fan, the styling of that shop front is amazing – alluring and quirky, I’d go in to check it out.
    Longing for your post on scented candles v feminism ( great post Rosemary).

  • Louise says:

    ps for some great icing work (and macaroons) check my friend Jane of Cinnamon-Toast:

  • Jane says:

    They look delicious Louise, sometimes I wish I did focused on one job and making macaroons looks like such a lovely way to make a living! J x

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