Birkenstocks are back!

Celine Birkenstocks

Mink lined Birkenstocks from Celine

Have they ever been away I hear you cry and why on earth would we give up on quite possibly the most comfortable footwear ever invented?

Even when they introduced the not quite so comfortable, toes post and one straps styles, Birkenstocks have remained our summer footwear of choice – no? Except that for the last couple of years, for me, they started to feel a little bit old hat and too ‘yummy mummy on the school run in a four x four in Hampstead’.

Somehow Hasbeens, metallic strappy sandals, Superga’s and chunky wedges felt more relevant and “fashionable” and I rejected my trusty Birkenstocks. Which was probably just as well, as the dog had managed to chew most of them anyway!!


The classic two strap

This summer however, I feeling them again big time, not least because they feature in the Spring Summer 2013 Celine collection. Ok they are mink lined and cost around £600, therefore are pinned on the ‘utterly ridiculous’ and ‘never going to happen’ board, but nonetheless they have revived an interest in the humble old Birkie and made me want a pair of classic black two straps, quite desperately!

There you have it – my names Jane and I’m a fashion victim!

Available from ASOS for a very reasonable £59.95


  • Belinda says:

    Oh god, I hate them. They make my feet look like boats and they hurt to walk on! They are in my ‘file with Crocs as never to be worn ever’ compartment of Life.

  • Gillian Taylor says:

    Oh I love a Birkie! I have them in many colours and styles but my faves are the navy felt clog style that I wear instead of slippers! I am glad I am on trend again!,

  • Amanda says:

    Do you remember when Jane Birkin showed us how to line our Converse trainers with sheepskin to keep our feet warm? Well I’m thinking we could do this with Birkies for a home spun take on the Celine ones, what do you think? A

  • Osnat says:

    Always loved them, always will, and it helps that they are available in all parts of the world, not just in the fashion capitals, although I must say you cannot beat their shop in Coventr Garden.

  • Alison May says:

    Though I’m not sure I want furry ones, patent leather Birkenstocks are a staple of my Summer wardrobe and everything else feels like hell on earth on my feet…

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