Street style: how to look glamourous in a kaftan and an all-in-one


jeanie 02Demonstrating that style definitely has no age limit, I came across these two gorgeous women modelling for Jeannie McQueeny last week and they looked absolutely stunning in their kaftans and all-in-ones.

Genie (mostly) makes heavily embroidered and bejewelled kaftans that I imagine are essential dressing if you have a house in Palm Beach (Genie lives in the Bahamas) as they are light and airy yet deeply glamourous. Large jewels are almost obligatory accessories, although as she told me in a quick interview last week, her beaded-neckline embroidery is popular with clients who don’t want to wear their ‘real jewels’ in a holiday setting, don’t we all have that problem?

jeanie 03Family heirlooms aside, the kaftans are good, made from beautiful printed silks and embroidery so fine you can’t believe its hand done in Kathmandu by a whole team of skilled sewers. Since she lives in a hot climate, Genie knows what works and the fine linens and printed silks are cut to waft and drape with elegance. Above is Jane, who carried this turquoise one piece so well it looked liked she lived in one everyday. Look how well the trousers move when you’re walking….imagine it’s the beach at St Barts rather than Kensington and you’re half way there…

jeanieDoesn’t she look great?

jeanie 06Kaftans are a great trans-generation style and good on all shapes of body. Anyone who thinks they are too casual for everyday wear just needs to add a few more necklaces and scarves to the mix, possibly even heels, then you can go pretty much anywhere. The bamboo print above looks great over wide soft silk trousers and Sue had tucked her front hem into the trouser waistband and she had a variegated hemline, very chic.

The girls even caught the attention of a prowling silver fox as we were taking the pictures, who was more than happy to pose withe them…He asked us ‘How do I look?’

jeanie 07Jeanie McQueeny kaftans can be found at Harrods and at Heathrow’s terminal five, handy for when you’re popping out to your holiday home.


  • Jane says:

    Amanda NO – you must NEVER wear any kind of floaty kaftan type clothing with heels – ever! #rules J x

  • Amanda says:

    I’m thinking wedges rather than spiky heels, 70s style, no? A

  • Monix says:

    I know I should be thinking “Babe Paley” but all I’m getting is “Abigail’s Party” – “Demis Roussos anyone”?


  • Jane says:

    “I like Demis Roussos, Ange likes Demis Roussos, could we please have some Demis Roussos pleas Lawrence”.
    Wedges would work A. Jx

  • Amanda says:

    Up your game ladies and move out of the suburbs and into the glittering world of cocktails at 6pm straight from the beach, I just imagine this is how the likes of Nan Kempner and BabsStriesand dress all the time when on their weekend breaks…Ax

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