Happy World Gin Day!


Image Jess Bonham

We couldn’t let World Gin Day go by without a comment. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve switched to gin from wine, which has been making me feel a bit poisoned of late (I’m blaming the menopause). Gin is definitely having a moment in the sun, and you can have such fun with it by making cocktails or infusing it with your favourite flavours.

It also gives us a good reason to put up these nice images by Jess Bonham from The Gourmand Magazine, which has an article on cocktails coming up in its next issue.

cocktails 02

image Jess Bonham

This weekend I will be celebrating with a home infused, home grown rose petal gin and tonic, with a petal or two as decoration. Infusing gin is easy, we did it here . With rose petals you just need to infuse a nice clean tasting gin like Gordons with a couple of handfuls of very fragrant petals (clean out the wee beasties first but don’t wash the petals). Leave them for an hour or two, but not too long, strain and there you have it. If you can’t do your own, you could use Hendricks, which already uses rose petals in the botanical mix.  Just throw a few rose petals into the glass for decoration. Cheers!

petal gin


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