Simple Pleasures: the joy of a pedicure

pedicureAs you get older you start to appreciate the need to take care of yourself. Whether its regular yoga class, a bike ride to work, or a monthly massage. Looking after your mind and body is front of mind, as your desire to live as long as possible, becomes increasingly important.

As children grow up and need less attention you suddenly find you have time for self indulgence and a couple of hours pampering doesn’t seem like the most selfish idea in the world. Gone are the days when even reading the paper was enough to cause world war three and the competition about who was more tired, raged on an almost daily basis.

I’ve never been one for spending hours at the beauty salon and even having my hair highlighted makes me squirm, if it takes too long. But the one thing I have come to appreciate, is the luxury of a good pedicure.

Friends waxed lyrical about pedicures for years and to be honest I could never see the attraction. Why would anyone want another human being to fiddle with their feet and how could the poor beautician even bear to touch my feet (or trotters, as MAD likes to call them!)?

Then I recieved a voucher for an Ultimate Cowshed Pedicure from my sister in law. She’s a beautician so knows a thing or two about treatments and had obvioulsy researched this one.

The deluxe foot treatment is designed to provide the ultimate in foot care. Nails are filed, cuticles are tidied and hardened skin is removed. This is followed by a deeply relaxing leg and foot massage. Afterwards, the feet are wrapped in a hydration mask whilst the scalp and shoulders are massaged.The treatment ends with nail polish and takes place in a huge, squashy armchair. It lasts 75 minutes and was so relaxing I fell asleep.

Who knew having your feet touched could be so fabulous.



  • Becky says:

    I have pedicures regularly as living in this hot climate your feet are on show all the time and you really don’t want to be the only one with skazzy nails and excessive hard skin. They are my favourite beauty treatment, I would much rather have one than have my hair done, which I hate. I don’t want anyone to try and talk to me whilst they are buffing my feet though, that would be an intrusion too far !

  • Cathy says:

    Fantastic timing – I’m looking for a new place for a pedicure and this seems perfect. I find pedicures are well worth paying for as you can maintain them for a while after they’ve been done by someone who knows what they are up to. Can you let me know which branch of Cowshed you visited?

  • Jane says:

    I agree re hair v’s Feet Becky – feet every time.

    I went to the Carnaby St Coweshed Cathy but they are all over London now (hoping you are in London?) or maybe a visit to Babbington House?


  • Cathy says:

    Jane, I’m in London so I’ll visit the Carnaby Street branch, although I must admit a visit to Babbington House sounds like fun, but not sure if the other half will be interested. Thanks for responding.

  • Leanne says:

    I just wish I could paint my own toes I just dont have a neat hand with polish. I love bold happy reds on my tootsies. I have also found since starting a job where I have to wear steel cap boots all day my feet are actually looking and feeling better than when I wore girly shoes – yah. Anyone tried those fish pedicures? Just seems wrong to me.

  • Jane says:

    Apparantely they are very cruel for the fish Leanne and I don’t really like the idea to be honest Leanne.
    j x

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