We love: The Meringue Girls

MerignuesPavlova has become my signature dish for special occasions – I just adore that sweet combo of sugar, cream and fruit – and given the choice, would always choose a meringue over an eclair

Ottolenghi championed the return of the meringue when he transformed them from a naff 70’s pudding, to things of great beauty, by making them supersize and adding flavours such as pistachio and hazelnut . Who could walk past an Ottolenghi, without being enticed by their huge sugary fabulousness?

But for me, they just didn’t work, they looked fab, but were missing the key factor for the perfect merignue – a chewy middle!

So I was delighted when I recently came across Meringue Girls, who have created perfect bite sized, flavoured merignues, with exactly the right amount of chewiness.

imgsize-2.phpMeringue Girls met while working in a cafe in Hackney (obvs) and bonded over their love of confectionary. Alex and Stacey now sell their meringues in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges and have a stall on Broadway Market, as well as catering for parties and fashion events. They also work together as food stylists.

Merignues 2Flavours range from classics such as Dark Chocolate, Madagascan Vanilla Pod and Raspberry, to more exotic Lemongrass & Ginger, Gin & Tonic and Strawberry & Black Pepper.

The Meringue Girls have a book out in September, featuring recipes to create the perfect Modern Meringue.

Merignue Girls BookMerignues are the new cupcakes – remember you heard it here first!

Merginue Girls Pavlova


  • Marv says:

    I tried their Gin & Tonic meringues and have to say they didn’t taste anything like G&T. Or of anything other than the usual sugar. They were pretty, though. (I am SO bored of cupcakes with disgusting icing.)

  • Sarah says:

    A massive pav piled high with rasberries and passion fruit and drizzled with caramel has always been my go to pud for parties. I don’t understand people that are scared of making meringue. It is far easier than baking and hard to get wrong as long as it isn’t overcooked. For an 8 egg pav I will only cook for about 45 mins then leave the oven open. Crispy on the outside then supersquidgy on the outside. For a small mouth size meringue I would only cook for 15 mins or so.

  • Jane says:

    I agree Sarah – actually really easy to make and I love the idea of drizzled caramel
    Marv, me too re cupcakes – all that buttercream icing makes me gag – give me a fruit cream combo any day
    J x

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