A few things to buy from Jaggy Nettle

jaggy nettle 01I’ve been meaning to write about Scottish designers and online retailers Jaggy Nettle for ages. It all started with my fabulous orange Harris Tweed Hi-tops, which I bought last year and absolutely adore. The awesomely named company concentrates on making beautiful items using local Scottish production skill and of course, fabrics. I love this Harris Tweed almost-biker jacket above, which looks a very elegant take on the shape, but if looking at it makes you feel a bit hot, then check out the gorgeous denim shorts (below) currently on a special half price introductory offer. These are from Japan, but more of that in a bit.

As a very special offer to TWR readers, Jaggy Nettle is offering us 50% discount on all purchases made within the next three days (finishing Friday 19th July at midnight), just add the discount code WOMAN at the checkout! 50%!

Jason Lee and Emily Quinn are partners in life as well as business and their philosophy on why they started their little company strikes an encouraging chord, Jason says “‘It was the classic situation where not being able to find what you want, you go away and make it yourself.  I find the pace of fashion and trends vulgar so I wanted to design and make things that had longevity.  You just have to trawl the charity shops in the Scottish Borders to get an idea of what we used to make here; shirts, shoes, tailoring, beautifully made clothes with beautiful fabrics.  That was inspiring, pulling a suit of the rail and finding it had been made in that very town.” Regular readers will know we’re very keen on well made clothes in beautiful fabrics, particularly when they are made by skilled worker who are good at their jobs, after all, where’s the joy in crappily made clothes?

Emily is clever at printing cashmere too and they pair have just delivered a printed baby blanket for Baby Cambridge, which was commissioned by Kate and William, made from cashmere so it’s not just us who like their ideas (I’m SOO hoping that baby arrives today, be perfect timing for this post and somehow I’d think the timing had something to do with me). If the baby is in a printed cashmere blanket photographed on the steps of the Lindo Wing, you’ll know where it comes from.
jaggy nettle -5

My favourite things from the pair include the before-mentioned Jaggy Nettle Japan denim range, which is made from shuttle loom, selvedge edge Japanese denim. The range is made in Osaka, Japan by artisan makers who sign every piece and although it’s a long way from home, there are many shared similarities to the way Scottish makers closer to home work and think. Jaggy Nettle is the only European brand the factory makes for. I’m very tempted by the beautifully made mens shorts above, but if I buy them, this amazing hot weather is sure to change.

I recommend the lovely Hi-Tops, which come in a number of different tweeds, from both the Harris Tweed and Johnstons of Elgin fabric houses as mine have been both good to look at as well as comfortable.

jaggy nettle 02

These Harris Tweed Chelsea boots look a good investment for the autumn too…

jaggy nettle 03

It’s a company worth keeping an eye on, check back in when the weather turns cold again, unless you want those shorts….

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