We love: Hitomi Hosono’s ceramics

hitomi 01

OK, fessing up here, by the time you read this Hitomi Hosono’s little exhibition at The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Chamber’s Club will be over (it finished on 4th August). Sorry, it’s been a busy month and anyway, we went for you so here are some images of her lovely, intricate ceramics for you to admire.

London based but born in Japan, where her family run a rice farm, Hitomi is the first winner of the Perrier-Jouet Arts Salon prize, which has sponsored this small exhibition. Her work -all made from white or black  porcelain- is inspired by plants and has an intricate, dense beauty that takes a while to absorb, I found myself getting really close to the pieces to take in every tiny detail and i desperately wanted to curl my fingers under the sculptural leaves and pat the matt loveliness of the flowers. You’d obviously be shot if you touched them, so I held off.

She is so talented that she’s bound to pop up again soon, she will be at Design Miami in December 2013 if you are lucky enough to be going, so if these appeal, keep an eye out for her work.

hitomi 03
Above is the Shirakawa bowl, inspired by plants near the Japanese town of Shirakawa. Below left is Wisteria Tower, inspired by a wall of the flowers growing on St Paul’s Cathedral and below right is Mound of Flowers, which blends two types of chrysanthemum flowers.

hitomi 05
Below is from left, Black Dancing Leaves box, Black Camellia box and Black Wisteria box, all in black porcelain.

hitomi 06Below is the White Wisteria box, showing the gold leaf interior.  Hitomi’s work is sold through Adrian Sassoon in London.


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