See this: Mirror Mirror at LCF

UntitledThanks to @Spob for alerting us to an up and coming event at the London College of Fashion, which looks right up our street.  Mirror Mirror: Representations and Reflections on age and ageing is a two-day event is designed to provoke fresh perspectives on ageing in relation to culture and fashion. It will comprise traditional academic papers from scholars who have examined ageing and culture, as well as interactive performance events, works of art designed by LCF students working in collaboration with older people and the screening of films about later life.

It will be a cross-disciplinary, critical investigation of the multiple experiences of age and ageing through the lens of the humanities and the arts. A central aim of the event will be to investigate and interrogate cultural articulations of ageing and old age. The category ‘age’ will be re-considered, as will the categories ‘fashion’ and ‘beauty’.

The conference starts with an evening event, where Ari Seth Cohen (New York based blogger, film producer and writer) will be talking about the style of the older women he features on Advanced Style.

It takes place on the 29th and 30th of October and you can buy tickets here.


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