Nice to meet you, Atelier Raptus & Rose!

raptus and  roseRegular readers may remember our post on the Venice Biennale, where I snapped a few stylish art goers back in the early summer. The last image on the post was of a group of lovely models who I thought may have been on their way to a shoot or some fashion-y event as they passed by while I was sipping my evening Martini Rosso on the Guidecca. Turns out, I was witnessing a fashion event by Italian brand Atelier Raptus & Rose who found the blog post and sent a ‘hello’ email earlier this week. It gives me such a great thrill when this happens, when we connect with readers, designers or anyone we’ve featured and we can connect with across town, the country or the globe.

Turns out, Atelier Raptus & Rose has produced a couple of videos that work a disruptive take on the catwalk, using real women (albeit rather beautiful ones) to wear the clothes and by shooting the models in clusters in more real situations, such as riding bikes and walking through Venice (as you do). I’ve put one in below. After a week of 16 year old skinnies walking up and down a rather bland catwalk (there were exceptions) at London Fashion Week it was a pleasantly inclusive  change of pace.There’s a sweet website and blog here, aren’t these images lovely?

raptus and rose 02Spokesperson for the brand Alice Gazzi told us

“Atelier Raptus & Rose, by designer Silvia Bisconti is a project about women. It is an atelier in Belluno, a city closed to Venezia, where we produce dresses and accessories for all women. The fabrics that we use are old, vintage or precious and they are from all over the world. Last spring the London publishing house Bloomsbury chose one of our pictures for the cover of its new book “Made in Italy. Rethinking a Century of Italian Design” that will be published in November 2013.
Your picture is a frame from our project “La Moda Liberata” (literally “The Released Fashion”) where the fashion environment is changed: the catwalk is in the streets, public, models are just women, so fashion is for everybody without any special permission.”

One to look out for if you’re visiting Italy and indeed the brand may even sell direct from its website here,  my Italian is rubbish, apologies.


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