Treasure-Hunt shopping at TK Maxx

tk maxx 01You, dear reader, are either going to be the type who loves (me) or hates (Jane) the idea of shopping at TK Maxx.

For me it’s highly enjoyable, top end rummage-retail, just like shopping in a jumble sale, charity shop or vintage market -not for everyone, but for those with the time, a bit of experience and the confidence to pick out what they like, it’s a fashion treasure hunt. Just as I love foraging around charity shops for fabulous finds, so I can happily spend a whole morning checking out what TK Maxx has to offer in my local (Kew Retail Park) shop.

Stripped of all display and merchandising, TX Maxx stores are like fashion’s barest bones; rows of starkly presented stock, brutally set out by category and then size and with nothing but your own sense of style and brand awareness to help you. Although this is too terrifying or just far too much effort for some, I know, as does any other regular TK MAxx shopper, that lurking in the relentless plastic hangared hell is a fashion jewel, a little gem of sartorial fabulousness that is not just your size, your style but a bargain basement price too.

Being an ex merchandiser I am familiar with the maths and margins behind a the ticket price. I find it hard to pay full price for anything (despite my reputation) because I know how much profit is in the equation. Call me mean, but if you like beautiful fabrics and want clothes that are well made, you often have to pay, so any chance to buy well at a lower price is a good thing in my books. Which is where TK Maxx excels.

tk maxx 011111As experienced shoppers, we are well positioned to get the very best from this type of treasure-hunt shopping. We can spot good quality fabric with one stroke, know our style and what suits us and often it’s the lovely, timeless classics you can get if you look carefully that swings it for me. This week TK Maxx has asked us to pick some of our favourite pieces from the store to show that you can dress very well for considerably less. Over the last week or so we’ve features some pricey brands, this week we’ll show that you can dress beautifully on a tighter budget with no compromise on quality.

tk maxx 01111To do this post I was given free run of my local store…I could pick my favourite pieces to show you all and I had the best fun, there’s a daily delivery of new stock at every store.  I got a bit carried away with selecting, there was so much good stuff and all this week I’ll be putting up my pick of the day.

We’re starting with my most expensive pick, this highly covetable super-soft cord jacket, fully lined with lovely suede trims on the cuff and elbows and nice big pockets, perfect as a weekend jacket for browsing your local farmer’s market. It has a casually elegant, softened-by-years-of-wear look to it which I love and is also a great fit,  I’m not allowed to mention brands, but this one is right up there in the top strata of luxury. Originally over £400, it’s yours for £99.

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Style Tour dates for TK Maxx as follows
Wednesday 18th September- LIVERPOOL
Tuesday 8th October-LEEDS
Tuesday 15th October-GLASGOW
Tuesday 22nd October- NEWCASTLE
Tuesday 29th October- CARDIFF

Images by Fraser Carr Miles


  • Sue says:

    Whilst I completely agree with you about finding it difficult to pay full price when you know the mark up margins, shops do have huge overheads to absorb. And although I do shop there sometimes,I think I definitely fall into the hate camp here.It is probably crucial to have the sort of professional eye you have – what a great jacket you found.For me,the sheer amount of stuff in TKMAXX is overwhelming, I can’t cope with that much choice and end up over shopping. I have found great bargains (favourite Bloch ballet pumps for £20 ) but mostly prefer outlet shops (Margaret Howell in York is very good.Also there is a MH sample sale this Thursday and Friday at the Music Rooms in South Molten Lane – hurrah!)

  • Monix says:

    Another “hater” here (though I also wince at wearing charity shop/vintage clothing myself). Thanks for the tip off regarding MH sample sale Sue, are these sample sales, “sample model sizes” only?


  • Sarah says:

    I agree with Sue, TKMaxx is such hard work for little return. I have got some bargains but I will never get those hours (and hours) back. Racks of weird clothes from American brands I have never heard of.
    See you at Margaret Howell.

  • Sue says:

    No, Monix! ALL sizes have been available whenever I’ve been before.I’ve no idea why it’s called a sample sale.It’s the previous corresponding season’s stuff mainly.

  • Amanda says:

    While we’re on the subject of larger sizes, one thing I was really impressed with was the selection of larges and extra larges at TK Maxx, and of course because everything is set out by size, it’s much easier to see what’s available. I think that saves time and disappointment from the normal ‘have you got this in size 16/18’ question. Def worth checking out I reckon. A

  • Jane says:

    Sue I love the Margaret Howell outlet in York and the Marni outlet in Bicester but I agree re TK Maxx. It all seems so excessive and I simply cant be bothered, which is probably why I have never found anything in there I like. Even if they just edited the selection by colour it might be easier to shop.
    I want to spend as little time as possible shopping and usually know exactly what I want and rarely browse or impulse shop – so perhaps it’s not for me. A Margaret Howell sample sale, however I may be tempted.
    J x

  • Nicola says:

    Buying from the TK Maxx website is much easier than the shop.

  • amanda says:

    Nicola it is indeed, we’re mentioning that on tomorrow’s post…very dangerous! A

  • Tiffany says:

    I’m terrified of shopping generally, even in pleasant, nicely designed shops, so I’m hopeless at this kind of shopping. I went into a couple of the ‘famous’ stores of this kind when I was in the US a couple of years ago and pretty much ran out screaming :)

  • Jules says:

    A few hours in TK Maxx – heaven!

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