New Paint ranges from Mr & Mrs Smith and Liberty

Liberty PaintAs someone who predicts colour for a living I find looking for colours to paint my house surprisingly confusing. Not only do you have to please “other halves” (although I have trained mine over the years to concede to my superior knowledge) you have to think about finishes and shades etc and by the time you’ve bought numerous tester pots, are often more confused than ever and have spent a small fortune.

I have come to the conclusion that like clothes, I like someone to curate my choices for me when it comes to home decorating. So I was delighted when I took a look at the new Liberty paint range which launched last week.

Interestingly, as well as creating a lovely range, Liberty may well have also eradicated the tester pot forever, by creating the iPatch. An A4 sheet with a coat of real paint on one side and low-tack adhesive backing on the other, you simply peel off the backing and the sample sheets can be attached and re-attached to any interior wall. Because the patches have a layer of real pigment and not a printed imitation, they are a perfect colour match. They are basically, removable sticky back plastic that look like paint – nice!

The range is produced by Craig & Rose, the oldest paint manufacturer in the UK and has 30 colours, which are broken down into four palettes –  Foliage, Garden, Wild Flowers and Mineral – which are inspired by the British landscape architect William Nesfield, who was a major influence on garden design during the 19th century.

Exclusive to, prices start at £40 for 2.5 litres and you can order iPatch test sheets on all colours.

Liberty Garden

The Foliage Collection

Liberty Wild Flower

The Garden Collection

Travel Company Mr & Mrs Smith also recently launched a paint range inspired by their travels both at home and abroad.  The hand-mixed palette of 28 colours is divided into three collections: Coast, Country and City and look lovely – a real mix of urban, modern and rural shades.

They are also available at and start at £33 for 2.5 litres.

Mr & Mrs Smith City


Mr & Mrs Smith Coastal


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