How to be a vintage rock goddess if you are Stevie Nicks

mainTis quite hard to concentrate on writing blog posts today as it’s only one more sleep before our Women Of Substance Salon! and much organisation is going on behind the scenes to make sure the evening is awesome for all of you who are coming.

But I can’t resist sharing these images from Friday night’s brilliant Fleetwood Mac concert at the O2 with you. I know I’m a fan, but Stevie Nicks gave a masterclass on how to be a vintage rock goddess that I need to share. Forget those ageing Rolling Stones prancing about in scruffy jeans, Stevie showed how to look and sound wonderful on stage at 65, with a bit of elegant hippy-style.  Here’s how she did it….

Firstly, invest in some truly awesome hair extensions and some presumably (ahem) helpful uplifting face cream….

hair extensionsSecondly, treat your musical equipment as an extended accessory opportunity and decorate your microphone with chiffon, ribbon and strings of rhinestones.

microphoneDitto your tambourine…which is matt black, obvs and trimmed with lots of red and gold glittery ribbons. One black leather glove (which you are going to change later into fingerless, chain-knit trimmed ones) keep things intriguing, if a little too Micheal-Jackson inspired for some.

tamborineStick to your house style -you know it works and it’s what everyone wants to see. Wear a multi layer, handkerchief hemline skirt in floaty chiffon, but keep it all brilliantly grown-up chic by doing it in head-to-toe black, topping it off with a long line fitted jacket. That way you are still a magical fairy, but that touch of tailoring makes you a wise and glamourously mature one.

heelsWear stonklingly high heels for the first few numbers, but then have your favourite comfy leather ankle boots (see above image with gold scarf) just off stage so you can change into them during one of Lindsey Buckingham’s early guitar solos. Change back into the high ones for the first encore -because Christine McVie is coming on for one song (Don’t Stop) and that’s the reunion photo the press are all after.

stand behindWhile we’re talking about ex lovers (Lindsay) indulge his musical brilliance and kind words on ‘closure’ and everyone’s troubled pasts, obvs, but keep him behind you when it really counts on stage, to show exactly how ‘over’ him you really are. It’s all about you Stevie.

scarvesKeep the accessory story going strong by changing scarves every few songs, my favourite was the gold embroidered net one you wore for Gold Dust Woman, where did you get it from? I want one.

floaty dancingAnd finally, remember you have that hippy dippy, out there, brilliant California music-girl reputation to keep up, so ensure there’s lots of twirling, swirling and swoopy hand waving by working those scarves. Bring on a top hat too, as it’s sort of your signature and looks just as good on you now as it ever did. In fact everything about you is still awesome Stevie, so please keep it up.

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  • jane gillard says:

    sorry but I think she could do with a bit of a make over x

  • Amanda says:

    Ha ha! She is certainly sticking to her tried and tested formula, but I want my rock goddesses to be a bit unique and slightly mad…Ax

  • Chris says:

    Fuck u Jane Stevie Nicks rocks and looks awesome at any age she is 76 now still gorgeous ❤️

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