One for the Wish List: Georgina Von Etzdorf for Margaret Howell

georgina von etzdorfLet’s start this post with a very clear Very Expensive Klaxon…I’m not actually suggesting we all go out and buy this beautiful new Margaret Howell- Georgina Von Etzdorf collab shirt for the Margaret Howell Plus collection (now in its fourth year) because it’s £395,  but it’s so lovely I’m just going to put it up so you can all look at it and linger over its loveliness. Also I think Georgina looks pretty Style Icon-ish in this image above, so we have lots to consider here.

Firstly, Georgina. When I was working at Liberty in the late 80s Georgina was everybody’s favourite scarf designer. Her painterly style and way with colour and pattern made her a big hit, I remember owning a black silk velvet jacket of hers with crimson red swirls and silk grosgrain trim and wearing it (over lycra leggings, I’m ashamed to admit now) practically to death. it was generous in shape (actually slightly sack-like) and after I was done with it, my mum had it and worked it hard. I’m not sure where it is now, but I bet it’s still being loved.

I wondered what had happened to her, there’s been a big gap since her high-selling days of the 80s and early 90s, it appears she returned to painting and this collaboration seems to be the first fashion-y thing she’s done for a while.

margaret howell for georgina von etzdorfHere’s what Margaret Howell said of Georgina when the shirt launched last week….

“When Georgina came through the door of our studio clutching a packet of West Country biscuits and an old pyjama jacket, her face beaming, brimming with enthusiasm, I realised little had changed since I first met her at her degree show in 1977. I was impressed then by her colours and painterly approach’.

printsThe shirt is a bit of a dream shape for working in, as it has a pocket big enough for a good size note book, pencils, biscuits and…well this is what Georgina said about the design,

This shirt will live on in my life, stuffed with paintboxes, brushes, sketchbook, the odd snack, a fluff-covered sweet, and general paraphernalia. I move about a lot, so I love a piece of clothing that incorporates generous pockets, a hard-wearing material, colour, texture, and is roomy enough to layer clothing underneath without compromising style.’

I am rather in love with the idea of designing stylish clothes around the concept of ‘moving around a lot’, it strikes me as very practical for busy working women. Not all working women need black tailored suits.


georgina von etzdorf 01As well as being made in London, the shirt is constructed from a strong linen and cotton mix fabric, ideal for those of us suffering from hot flushes, as the linen will keep us cool. There are velvet and silk piping trims around the edges and printed pockets with needlecord linings. I also love the embroidered signature, much chic-er than a back neck label. The only hurdle is the price. One for the Christmas Present list perhaps?

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  • jane gillard says:

    great post – love the jacket – want it now – x

  • Sue says:

    I remember GvE from years back, too. She sold masses of scarves – devoree velvet and silks in amazing designs and colours.I ended up with quite a collection of them but sold them on Ebay a while ago.This shirt looks beautifully made and the embroidered name aswell.Love it when things are properly made and finished off, and the insides look as good as the outside.

  • Amanda says:

    Thanks Jane and me too Sue, A

  • Alison says:

    As a working woman who moves more than most (10-15 miles daily on a bike in all weathers), for me the holy trinity is practical, comfortable, stylish. Very few garments manage that, but this shirt would. It would probably outlast quite a lot of lycra, too.

  • Monix says:

    Still have a collection of GvE scarves and even brought in the new century wearing a red velvet jacket with fabulous decoration -sigh…often wondered what happened to GVE, so pleased she’s happy, she’s brought me so much joy wearing her clothes.

  • Amanda says:

    Just goes to show, I think ,that investment in beautiful design is worth it, as the item will have longevity and I see a GAP in the market for Practical, Comfortable, Stylish! Will work on a TWR capsule range to sell in our imaginary shop. A

  • Carol says:

    I was thinking about Georgina recently and wondered what she was doing. I am a Textile Designer and Printer and have recently completed a Masters in Textile Design. After I did my B.A. (Hons) in Farnham in the 80’s, students would visit my studio in the morning and Georgina’s in the afternoon. I won several Design Awards which gave me many London Exhibitions, trips to Dallas with my work with the Crafts Council etc. We moved to North Devon and I fell in love with sheep!! – showing them and breeding them for several years. My husband insisted I part with them (I still have a few) and get back to what I love and do best. I loved the challenge of my recent M.A. at Bath Spa University and Falmouth University College.. I hope to see more of Georgina’s wonderful textile designs.
    My website is in progress but (in case the above doesn’t work), you can see my new work on Carol Mackenzie Gale

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