It’s all about the ankle boot!

BootsIn spite of the un-seaonally warm weather, (is it just me, or is everyone longing for a spell of properly cold weather?) this month we have been mostly thinking about boots (well work, kids, how ridiculously close Christmas is and who has walked the dog – but also boots) as it’s that time of year when I spend many humiliating hours trying on gorgeous, unaffordable boots, that I simply can’t zip over my (normal in my opinion) calves.

MAD thinks it’s hilarious and often chuckles, mumbling “I don’t know why you bother,” as I gasp with joy, over my boots of dreams – only to find they are in fact made for 12 year olds. Dear boot manufacturers, please make long boots made for real women with actual calves – thank you.

But not this season oh no, its good bye to circulation stopping zips and hello ankle boots – as they are the preferred ‘boot of the season’.

Ankle boots can be tricky to get right; too cowboy and you are in danger of looking a little bit ‘rock chick/Pam from Gavin and Stacey at the barn dance’ – too high and we are entering Mark Wright’s mum terrirtory (she’s in TOWIE – what do you mean you don’t watch it?) and too clumpy and we’re talking Klinger from MASH – although personally, I always favour a butch army boot.

According to the fashion press, this seasons ultimate ankle boots are by Acne, but for me, they are pinned on the ‘expensive, a little bit boring, and there are hundreds of cheap copies, so what’s the point’ board.

Acne Boots

The “ultimate” ankle boots from Acne?

Call me a shoe snob or an exhibitionist, but if I’ve spent a lot of money on footwear, I don’t want them to look like I bought them in Office!

I’m loving these bad boys from Net-A-Porter but they are too expensive to walk the dog in, therefore not practical.

Net a porter ankle boots

Gorgeous but expensive, from Alaia, Saint Laurent and Jil Sander

I also love the Churches and Grenson styles, which look practical and stylish and don’t cost as much as a small bungalow in Bradford.

CHURCHES Chelsea boots




I’m currently having a bit of a revived love affair with with Dr Martens shoes and at a very reasonable £110, I think these DM Cheslea boots might be just the thing to see me through the winter months –  mainly for their practicality, style and ability to look good with an ankle sock and dress – think Marc Jacobs does grunge for Perry Ellis in 1992 – but for Nans.

Dr Martens


  • Sue says:

    Love flat boots.Robert Clergerie often do quite nice clumpy ones (haven’t checked this Autumn yet) and hmm, you might have to sell some property or a kidney for this, but Rupert Sanderson do REALLY good boots. I got some biker boots a couple of years ago and they are still perfect…(just as well, really).

  • jane says:

    Frankly kidneys are overated Sue! J

  • Claire says:

    I also have a problem with knee length boots – muscular calves as I like to call them (not fat!) However found a pair of suede ‘weatherproof’ boots at Russell & Bromley with elastic insert at the back. More than I would usually pay but hope they will last! Only problem has not been cold enough to wear them yet.

  • Aileen says:

    Hush have the best ankle boots, I’ve lived in a pair for last few years
    But for dog walking- wellies surely? I like these, very difficult to get hold of in UK apart from the lace up ones (don’t like) or pure black ones, but have hunted these down

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