Fashion and Feminist Art at Frieze 2013 #2

cananBack at Frieze Art Fair, which really is just a big art shop for very rich people, here are a few more shots of some great female-made art and outfits…As an aside, this year I noticed the men were really very well dressed. next year I may have to do a Middleagedad inspiration post, but for now we’ll stick with the women.

Isn’t this photograph above just gorgeous? It’s by Turkish feminist artist Canan, and it’s called Turkish Delight Series 1. I think this actually is Canan herself, she looks fun to hang out with. Anyone who thinks thin is beautiful should be sent immediately to this image.

There was a lot of corals and ambers being worn by visitors this year, I love the coral glass frames below left -well and everything else she’s wearing too- the stripy socks are divine. Below right was a gallerista at Frieze Masters, who was wearing the most lovely silk velvet dress with a neat mandarin shirt collar, it was “French’  was all she could remember as to which brand…I would have happily volunteered to check her back-neck label but this really is a step too far for most people I meet. Can’t understand why!…Also, how lovely do coral shoes look when worn with black?

frieze 20Below, proof, if anyone is still in any doubt, of how ankle socks not only look good but can also look SMART. A reminder, everyone photographed here was a proper grown up woman. Also, navy and polished brown, way-to-go people.

frieze 02The outfit below right was almost top-to-toe Comme des Garcons, proper CdG too, none of this H&M for stuff I’ve got (altho I love that too). Don’t you love the red nails? below right is a Dame Barbara Hepworth. If I had to pick a bit of art to take to my Desert Island (should Kirstie ever get round to asking us on Desert Island Discs) it would be a Hepworth sculpture.

frieze 38Nice colour combos below, I am envious of the waist neat enough to still do ‘tucked in’. Does anyone else still do ‘tucked in’ or are we all resigned to the fact that this is a little demanding now?

27Below is a beautiful and very large canvas by American Barbara Kruger, you might like to check out her website, she is a great artist and she has awesome hair.

artMore inspiring colour below.

frieze extraThe wonderful Berlin based artist Isa Genzken, below.

isa gensenA few expensive looking details, is it me or does a certain shade of camel say ‘cost lots’. Don’t you love the chic fringing?

frieze 19Talking of wealthy, the two charming American ladies here below were having a blast shopping for art at Frieze Masters when I snapped them. They are ‘old school’ elegant, beautifully turned out  and love, love, love the white kid ‘summer ‘gloves.

frieze 16I often think all grey clothes can look a bit dull, we should think about  lifting grey with a bit of colour, as below. Am I sounding a bit Diane Vreeland here?

frieze 17Pretty ragged hemline here below, and smart shoes.

frieze 14I loved this Nicole Wermers piece below…a statement on domesticity if ever I saw one.

frieze30I love the casual glamour of this floral trousers and peppermint sweater.

frieze 04Lusting after the sweater below, such a great neckline

frieze 13I liked the more relaxed approach to a day spent viewing art below, it’s a long haul around both fairs and flat shoes are the best way to do it. I love these two dresses, both the navy polka dot one and the simple denim one look like they would be fuss free all day. Like the pocket on the wrap denim one.

frieze 15Finally below some Tacita Dean, this one’s a crystalised book, make of it what you will.

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