See this: Grenson Lab in Liberty

Grenson LabCalling all Brogue lovers, Christmas is officially cancelled this year, as you will be spending all your money on a pair of specially designed Grenson shoes!

Actually, in these days of insane footwear prices (when did £500 become the norm for a pair of designer shoes?) these are not ridiculously priced at £360 and Grensons are a label you will keep for ever.

The Grenson Lab is in the Liberty’s shoes department until the 3rd of November – so you will have to be quick – where you can can choose a shoe and have it made in your own choice of colours and soles. They will be hand made in the Grenson factory (they take around 14 weeks to make) and you can even have a handmade message, or name written in the lining.

How gorgeous are the pair above? I have the non customised version (called Lucy) and they are the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Grenson Lab 2A note to any partners reading who may think these are a good idea for Christmas and fancy getting creative – DON’T! They are a great idea, but no matter how well you think you know your wife/partners taste, you will NOT get it right. Better to take them along on Saturday and let them choose their own! #justsaying!!

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