The Vamp

If you are the kind of family with a drawer full of extension cables, old phones, random keys, plugs and every mobile phone charger ever invented, then you probably have a few old speakers tucked away gathering dust in a corner of the attic.

If you also have teenagers, the expensive speakers/sub woofer/iPod dock you bought when they were little, may well be on their last legs, due to the extremely loud “jams”  – honestly mum it wasn’t a party, I just had 45 of my closest friends over for a “jam” – held when you went away for the weekend.

We had some huge speakers tucked away in our loft which MAD couldn’t bear to throw away, mainly because they were his pride and joy in the 80’s (women keep handbags, men keep electronics – fact) and as our kitchen speakers had been seriously abused, MAD took to Kickstarter to find a solution.

Kickstarter is jammed full of people with good ideas and it can be difficult to work out the ones which would genuinely change you life and those which are simply barking mad – but MAD has something of a knack for picking the good ones.

The vamp is a nifty little thing  (it’s a quirkily weird shape, which is my only criticism – why not just make it a cube?) which you simply plug into the back of a random speaker, switch your phone or iPad onto Bluetooth and connect to the Vamp. Then log onto iTunes or Spotify (or whatever your Cloud of choice is) and Bob’s your uncle.

It sounds great and if the teenagers have another party and blow the speaker, there is always the other one lurking in the depths of the cellar.

It’s a fine example of new technology working with old and is such a good idea the designer exceeded his Kickstarter goal by £66,000!

The Vamp 3The Vamp comes in three colours, costs £49.99 and is available to order here.

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  • Ingrid says:

    This looked like such a FAB idea for a christmas present for various members of my family but I see they are only available for pre-order, next shipment March. What a shame.

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