Magnitone Pulsar skin cleansing and toning brush

If you’re looking at buying beauty products this Christmas, you’ll know that the facial cleansing brush is THE hot beauty gadget for this year. Jane wrote about brushes before, but I hadn’t ever tried them, so when Magnitone offered me a brush to trial, I thought i’d give it a go.

I normally clean my skin with CeraVe, a gentle wash cleanser I get in the US or Eve Lom’s cleanser when I need a bit of exfoliation. The magnitone brush is great with the wash off cleanser and would work well if you are a soap-and-water girl, it makes cleaning your skin something of a joy as a) it’s quite fun to use and b) you feel SO clean afterwards. In fact it’s a bit addictive, you don’t feel quite clean enough when you’ve not used it.

I’ve been using it now for nearly two weeks and my skin is smoother and well exfoliated and creams and serums soak in fast too. The Magnitone system reckons you get  a tightening up of skin, although I am not entirely sure how this works, mine certainly feels good and I reckon it would make a great present for a beauty geek. There’s a brush to do your dry skin on legs and arms too, but to be honest I’m too lazy to put aside the time it would take to cover all my skin….I’m sure it works well though.

Buy from Boots here, you still have time before Christmas.

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