Face creams for menopausal skin, from REN

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Being menopausal is sometimes a bit like reliving your teenage years, skin care wise. Forget anti ageing and anti wrinkle, what a lot of us want now is skincare that stops us breaking out in spots and dehydrating to the point of desiccation. The beauty industry seems more concerned with making us look younger rather than addressing the issues the menopause throws up, so I was almost hyperventilating with excitement when, at the recent REN evening we were invited to, brand ambassador David Delport actually mentioned the M word unprompted.

He told us that Ren has a great cream specifically designed to help alleviate menopause problems, it’s called Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream and I’ve been trialling it for a week now. David informed us that it is Ren’s most ‘active ingredient’ cream (remembering that Ren products have no nasty things like parabens, silicones or mineral oils in them at all) and uses wild yam, a popular  African natural menopause remedy. I’ve found it gentle and easy on my skin, it has a calming effect on redness that I’ve appreciated. Frankly, I think we should all give Ren a big shout out for even acknowledging the menopause exists. It’s not easy to discover this cream on the website, it’s slightly hidden under a complex science-y label, but if you have issues such as break outs, super-dryness caused by hormone madness or redness then give it a try.

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The whole Ren range is lovely, not too fancy with its packaging and quietly perfumed (although the popular Frankincense Night cream is quite pungent). David also highlighted the SH2C serum as a good reviver for older skin, people notice an improvement after 2-3 days apparently and the Bio Retinoid Concentrate and moisturiser are specifically designed to target skin of 40 plus. I’ve loved the newly launched Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser, with cotton cloth to gently scrub away the day’s grime and if you just fancy something fabulous to treat yourself with, then try any of the Rose Otto range, I’m a fan of the Body Oil after being tipped off about it by one of our readers (The Invisible Woman was it you?)

Anyone else using a good, properly-targeted-at-the menopause skincare cream?


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  • Monix says:

    Love their rose bath oil and use the micro scrub and cleansing balm everyday (though the vacuum packaging brings out the meanness in me – so much waste left).
    After trying lots of expensive brands I’ve found the Eucerin serum and moisturiser (available from Boots) is amazing for older thirsty skin.

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